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pitbull learner 09-17-2008 07:08 AM

i was told that the colby bloodline is the oldest and rarest boodline...is it true??

money_killer 09-17-2008 07:13 AM

type colby bloodline is the search bit.

it is hard to come by a true colby dog, from wat i have read on here

Sadie 09-17-2008 08:51 AM

Well colby bloodlines is as far as we can go when tracing the apbt back to the 1800's it was as we know it the beginning of the apbt aka as the staffordshire terrier/amstaff and then evetually the american pitbull terrier went it's own way as the Akc stepped in to break off the fighting connection thus creating the amsatff as a cousin who's purpose would be show and no longer a working dog or associated as a fighting dog. I don't think having colby in your dogs pedigree is rare if you own a true apbt because I would assume your dog would have to be linked back somewhere to colby bloodlines everything should link back to colby this is the beginning as we know it and how I understand it depending on how far your pedigree goes back. There are still colby dogs being produced I am not sure if they are 100% pure colby but I saw on colbys website they still breed from time to time. You have to email them for details on up coming breedings. But I will say I think it's rare to find a PURE 100% colby dog with nothing but colby in the bloodline but to have some colby blood in a dog IMO is not rare.

Just a little history-


Sixty years ago a delightful gang of kids romped across movie screens accompanied in their antics by their faithful dog Petey, a sturdy white pooch with a colored patch over one eye. Petey performed a remarkable array of tricks to help the kids in and out of scrapes -- all in all, he was the consummate childrens' pet.
The original Petey was Lucenay's Peter, a purebred dog registered as an American Pit Bull Terrier with the United Kennel Club and as one of the 50 original Staffordshire Terriers accepted into the American Kennel Club. Whichever breed name is claimed for Petey, one thing is certain; today this dog could not be kept within many city limits without facing arrest and euthanasia. American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are outlaws by city ordinance as vicious dogs.
The American Pit Bull Terrier has a long history as a dog of the common man, and it is from his basic stock that the AKC's AmStaffs and Staffs developed.


In 1835 the British Parliament outlawed bull baiting, a sadistic gambling game in which bulldogs were used to attack and harass bulls brought to market with the dubious intention of tenderizing the meat. The dog would assault the bull, avoid the stomping hooves and slashing horns, grab a tender nose or ear, and hang on until the bull collapsed. Commoners and royalty alike sought diversion from the violence and diseases of their day by attending these bloody spectacles until a public outcry forced Parliament to take a stand.
Once bull baiting was banned, dog breeders who appreciated the fierceness, courage, and tenacity of the bull dogs turned their attentions to breeding dogs for dog fighting. They began with the bull dog, mixed in some terrier blood, and produced the Bull and Terrier, a dog that met all of their expectations. The Bull and Terrier was bred for aggression to other dogs, unrelenting bravery, a high pain threshold, a willingness to fight to the end, and an affection for people.
Bull and Terrier dogs came to the US in the early 1800s as all-around farm dogs and frontier guardians. Samuel Clemons featured a pup of this breed in his short book The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.
The United Kennel Club recognized the Bull and Terrier Dog as the American Pit Bull Terrier in 1898. Buster Brown shoes put its mascot in every shoe with the image of Tige, an American Pit Bull Terrier, to enhance its image as a sturdy, dependable shoe. RCA used Nipper, a pit bull of unknown ancestry, to illustrate the clarity of sound emanating from its phonograph -- after all, it could fool the loyal pit bull into thinking he heard "his master's voice" in person. The breed was used to illustrate American neutrality without fear in 1914, the toughness of Levi jeans, and as a"defender of Old Glory."
The AKC eschewed breeds called "pit bulls" until 1936, when it recognized the American Pit Bull Terrier under the alias Staffordshire Terrier, named after the miners of Staffordshire, England, who had a hand in developing the breed for the fighting pit. The name was changed in 1972 to the American Staffordshire Terrier to distinguish the breed from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier of England, the ancestor of the American dogs, which was recognized by AKC in 1974. The British version of the dog is 14-16 inches tall and weighs up to 45 pounds. The American cousin is 18-19 inches tall and weighs up to 80 pounds. UKC's American Pit Bull Terrier is preferred to range from 30-60 pounds with females generally, but not necessarily, smaller than males.
Staffs, AmStaffs, and APBTs produced by responsible breeders are bred for temperament. Many dogs of these breeds are therapy dogs; some do quite well in obedience, and one -- Bandog Dread HIC, VB, SchH 1, CD -- even has a herding title. Another, Solomon J. Grundy, is a service dog for quadriplegic owner Arvid Kuhnle of Saskatoon, Canada, and Bullitt, was shown on the 1985 Easter Seals poster with his owner, Gordy Ranberg of Genesee, Michigan.

So what happened?

The American Pit Bull Terrier and its AKC cousins had a well- deserved reputation as a loyal and trustworthy family pet in the early years of this century, but of late has been severely castigated as a vicious, man-killing beast, worthy of banishment from the cities, considered guilty with no chance of proving innocence in any case.
"Pit bull" is a generic and derogatory term that encompasses any of several breeds of dogs or crosses on those breeds. Pit Bull fanciers can be divided into several camps: conscientious breeders of the AKC-registered duo who often deny kinship of their dogs with the APBT; ethical breeders of the APBT who face squarely the slander heaped upon them by ignorant neighbors; and unethical breeders of all three breeds who still indulge in dog fighting or promote aggressive temperaments for illegal purposes. Dog fighting rings still exist--it's only been a few years since a ring with national ties was busted in New Richmond and Blanchester, Ohio--and inner city drug dealers often use the dogs to guard their drug supplies and cash.
To further complicate matters, those who still breed for fighting are not as careful to preserve the dog's strong instinct to bond with humans as the early breeders did. So, today "pit bull" is a pejorative term that strikes fear in the hearts of many and leads to the spreading of urban legends about dogs with locking jaws that exert 20 thousand pounds of pressure, unstable breed temperament, and overwhelming human aggression.
In fact, the well-bred American Pit Bull Terrier is a family guardian and protector; an intelligent and obedient pet; a sweet, even-tempered dog that serves well as a help-mate to handicapped owner and friend to small children; and a healthy, hardy dog that complains little and offers much to his family.
Unfortunately, it has been more important for legislators in many jurisdictions to prove to constituents that they have "done something" about community problems. Spurred on by media accounts of "pit bull" attacks described in lurid detail, these councils and commissioners have banned pit bulls in all their forms from their communities. Never mind that the owners are the ones at fault for harboring a vicious dog; never mind that few of these dogs actually bite people; never mind that the breed and its crosses are not always easy to identify. Just ban them.
So, many shelters do not offer pit bulls or any dog that might be part pit bull to be adopted. Insurance companies cancel house insurance if a pit bull is in residence. Neighbors mistake everything from Boxers to Pugs as "pit bulls". And those criminals who used pit bulls as protectors of their illegal activities switch to Akitas or Rottweilers.

The standard

The United Kennel Club standard for the American Pit Bull Terrier is rather sparse. The dog is square and powerful with a blocky head, prominent cheeks and jaw, and taut, muscular body. He has a deep chest, and a short, glossy coat of any color. His ears may be cropped or not. Size can range from 30- 50 pounds for females and 35-60 pounds for males. Although they are from the same stock and meet the same criteria as the AKC American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terriers cannot be registered as an AmStaffs, but AmStaffs are admitted to the APBT registry.

MADBood 09-17-2008 02:30 PM

It's rare because the Colby family doesn't deal with the public. they get phone calls everyday from people trying to get a dog from them. they are all about keeping the blood pure, and basically breed to preserve their strain. they usually only deal with freinds and family. Being as they no longer game test their stock (for obvious reasons), the dogs will differ compared to the older strains but are still nice representations of the APBT. If one were to have the opportunity to get their hands on a pure Colby....I would say to definately go for it...regardless of what price they wanted.

sw_df27 09-17-2008 04:31 PM

my dogs have Colby in thier Peds all on thier sires side going back atleast 10 gen. The guy my Aunt starting her Breeding with was a old Dog fighter and all he had was Colby and Jeep dogs but that was over 20-30 yrs ago!

GnarlyBlue 09-18-2008 05:41 AM

Well done Sadie.... that was a very informative post. Did that come from an online article or magazine? if so which one? I'd love to make a copy

Sadie 09-18-2008 11:51 AM

Hey Gnarly Blue I found this article online you are more than welcome to copy it for your use .. I thought it was very informative myself and have saved a copy :)

cane76 09-19-2008 02:47 AM

Pure colby dogs are some off the most,if not the most pure in the world of dogdom,regardless of the breed....

Sampsons Dad 09-19-2008 03:04 AM


Originally Posted by pitbull learner (Post 78293)
i was told that the colby bloodline is the oldest and rarest boodline...is it true??

Pure Colby Dogs are stil sold in Mass so I would not call them rare.

Deucek2 09-19-2008 07:38 AM

according to the person i got Deuce from. and who she got the sire and bitch from. Deuce is pure Colby. But i will find out when he gets his Ped

Luv4PitBulls 09-23-2008 04:14 AM

THE PIT BULL by Diane Jessup

..Has a whole chapter on Colby dogs.

It's a really awesome read, a big book.

colby1 10-11-2008 11:12 PM

I have a 100% colby bred male. He is an awesome stud and has a great temperment.

MADBood 10-12-2008 02:10 AM


Originally Posted by colby1 (Post 82521)
I have a 100% colby bred male. He is an awesome stud and has a great temperment.

Really? Can you post up his peds?

money_killer 10-12-2008 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by MADBood (Post 82548)
Really? Can you post up his peds?

x2 wanna see it

where did u get him from and how?

colby1 10-12-2008 04:18 AM

I keep trying to post my Colby male ped. but it keeps saying that because I havn't posted 15 posts that I can not use URLs yet. But he is sired out of COLBY'S SCOOBIE(AKA-TOBY) and his dam is CAUSEY'S (KIRBY'S) JUDE

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