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Borre97 12-18-2017 11:46 PM

Side effects of dog walking
Everything started almost 2 months ago when I started walking with Piccolo. At the beginning he was pulling a lot, now he still pulls but with a little correction he stops.
Well about 3 weeks ago, he want to run, so I said... why not? lets run! Well since we started walking and running I have experienced all these side effects:

1. We have known a bunch of kids (actually the kids know Piccolo and they don't care about me :p )
2. Since we started to run, my conditioning has improved!!:pupruns: I think now I can run half park without taking a break!!:clap::clap:
3. I feel like I have lost some weight, at least my jeans feel more loose
4. We have met a couple of neighbors
5. Also Piccolo sex appeal is awesome! every girl that sees him wants to pet him :love2:
6. Since Piccolo is tired, he does not do any mess at home! :woof:
7. When he is tired. We to teach him rules, like when the front door is open he does not run outside, he waits until we allow him to go out :thumbsup:
8. And finally, Piccolo sleeps all night long!:sleep:

So as you can see, just positive side effects!! :D:D:D

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