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k8nkane 06-26-2011 10:34 PM

Help Biking with Kane ...
I've been riding my bike with Kane alongside for the past couple of days.

The problem I'm having is that he doesn't like my bike when we're stopped. Avoidance behaviors out the wazoo, so lots of lip licking, ears pinned, standing as far from the bike as possible.

But once we get going, he's okay with the bike and will run right along side of it with no problem, and he really gets into it.

Any ideas on how to make him more comfortable with the bike when we're stopped? Just feed him a bunch of hot dogs or something?

Also, what do you do when they have to go to the bathroom? Kane will just jerk to the side and stop when he has to go, lol.

JayHawk 06-26-2011 11:26 PM

If you have only been riding with him a few days I would just give it some time and see if he gets use to it on his own When I started mine on biking I had my wife ride a bike next to us while I jogged him and we had no issues when i started biking him.

as far as your other problem I always do a 20-30 min warm up walk prior to biking or any other conditioning this allows him to "empty" and warms him up for the ride

davidfitness83 06-27-2011 01:21 AM

Get a walking harness with a long line :) that way he is front of the bike. Just hold on for dear life though lol bernie turns the mountain bike into a crotch rocket lol

k8nkane 06-27-2011 01:37 AM

I was thinking of doing that, but I don't like the idea of him being out front, living in town as I do.

JayHawk 06-27-2011 02:07 AM

preacher runs ahead of the bike,I use a skijoring harness and a heavy duty retractable lead to keep from getting any slack caught on the front tire should he slow down and he normaly goes full out for the first 3 miles or so before slowing to a trot for the remainder of the run. He no longer pays any attention to the cows or turkeys but a rabbit or deer still makes for an exciting ride
I would strongly suggest that you work on your "leave it" and "recall" commands

k8nkane 06-27-2011 02:21 AM

Well, I guess if that's the best way to do it, we can find a country road or something ....

His leave it is "perfect" and his recall is good too. Thanks for the tips guys.

JayHawk 06-27-2011 02:27 AM

I never said it was the BEST way, just that it is the best way that I have found to do it

davidfitness83 06-27-2011 02:34 AM

It's scary as he'll you need to make sure you can direct him to keep going straight
I taught Bernie a turning command so I can guide him to the direction I want him yanking me and the bike. Any quick turn on te harness and long line like that can be pretty dangerous, I would also suggest tying the line to your handle just in case you need to bail or use both hands to turn out of danger.

JayHawk 06-27-2011 02:47 AM

I do not tie off to the bike just in case I bite the dust (which happens) I dont want to end up yanking Preacher out of dead run (thats why the recall) but I also ride farm roads I wouldnt bike him in an urban area but if I did tieing off might be the better way

Celestial88 06-27-2011 05:46 AM

I've heard skijoring a few times but never really looked into it... I love the idea, I'll look into getting a harness and we can go to the park and do it. I've taught him to slow if he hears the bike breaks (He is awesome at it) so I'm going to try that out. :D

If it fails... I can always sit on a skateboard.

performanceknls 06-27-2011 06:00 AM

I would give it time and see if he comes around. What about before you start? does he only get bugged when the bike is stopped after you start or is he always worried about it from the time you take it out?

When I was younger I would roller blade with my Newfoundland/malamute mix and we were flying all over the town, it was a blast!
I did biff it a few times ;)

k8nkane 06-27-2011 05:14 PM

He's always worried about it from the time I get it out. It doesn't help that I accidentally ran over his foot when I got it out the first time. That's why I was thinking about doing some classic conditioning--bike comes out, hot dogs rain from the sky.

performanceknls 06-27-2011 09:32 PM

That would be my suggestion. Don't ride it for a few days and take it out and put hot dogs on it and around it. Let him go up to it himself, so I would lean it on a wall or even put it on it's side so it can't fall on him if he bumps it. do that for a few days then get on it and have him come get treats. If you drag him to it, that scares the dogs let him go up to it.

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