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APASA 08-03-2013 11:56 PM

Yea, if there isn't enough light that camera won't take a clear photo for anything!

And ThaLadyPit, it's a point and shoot GE camera. It has manual settings and that is what I shoot in. I can have my shutter speed on two thounsandths of a second and it will freeze action (provided there is enough light) but when I push the button there is a delay from that time to point where the camera closes the shutter and takes the pic. When the shutter does move it's plenty fast.. but the delay comes before that. So if I push the button when I see the shot I want, ex. KU in the air, the photo it actually takes is of her landing.

Ok, so yesterday evening, we took KU out running with the four wheeler, and we also took two other dogs, Rebel, and Bug, and she did much better. I realized that she simply is not fast. When I took her by herself I thought she was burning out really fast because she would lag so far behind, that's not the case.. She just isn't a fast runner.. She was in the back the whole time yesterday probably but when we stopped to let her catch up and let the others get a drink she was the least winded and was trotting around wanting to play verses spend the time drinking and cooling off. We probably took em five miles.. It was hot and humid so didn't want to push em too hard, but the pace was still set pretty fast. Only Rebel could stay with the wheeler the entire time. She was sore last night and I rubbed her down and checked her over and she has a cut just above the biggest pad (kinda on her lower pastern) and she limped a lil so I haven't let her work any today. Just be outside on a light line for some fresh air.

ThaLadyPit 08-04-2013 02:14 PM

Oh, okay... perhaps there's a better manual setting that will lessen the delay between the shutter release button, and the time it takes for the shutter to actually respond. I don't have any experience with the GE, so I can't be of much help there. Sorry.

APASA 08-04-2013 06:44 PM

ThaLadyPit, it's a cheapo! It was like $130 bucks from wal-mart, I had to have it for a photography class. I have a really nice Canon, but.. It uses film. My mother gave it to me, to use for the class before I found out the camera had to be digital. I've never used it, but i'd bet it would produce the quality I'd like to have, film is just expensive considering the amt of photos I take.

APASA 08-09-2013 04:20 AM

Ok here we are at 2.5 weeks... I haven't changed up the "routine" much, but I think it's time to start increasing the time/distance, there doesn't seem to be as much difference in her this week imo.. Maybe she's gotten to the point that our current workouts aren't pushing her very much anymore.. If i'm wrong please do let me know.


APASA 08-09-2013 04:40 AM

Side shots all together Before - 2.5 Weeks


.5 Weeks

1.5 Weeks


Firehazard 08-09-2013 04:42 AM

She's old school... I love it..

APASA 08-09-2013 04:59 AM

Thanx FH :) I'm kinda feeling disheartened on it all. I guess I was thinking I was going to see more progress sooner, but I figure I'm jumping the gun, I could/should be putting more into it. This last week she hurt her shoulder and cut her foot, so I gave her a day off and the next day she just played in the sprinkler so maybe that's it. I know making excuses aren't going to help like getting off my ass will.. but maybe how this feeling of shame for not giving the lil girl my all will motivate me..

Maybe I should post my daily "workouts" with her so when I don't put forth enough effort my gopitbull mentors/coaches can drill my lazy ass!

Firehazard 08-09-2013 05:30 AM

When your both fresh off the couch so to speak.. its best to work hard for 15-30 mins several times a day, the next week extend it to 45min.. then 60, 90.. etc.. Don't know your regiment but start small and work in time limits. Dont get discouraged, just do it different. Gotta work right at your edge and hers.. not over the top, and not paddy cake either.

You got it..
Keep up your latters, sprints, swimming, pulling, up downs, tire work... ... used in increments all in the same day.. day by day.. will get you immediate results. Only feed once a day meal wise give her a light snack of some good meat with fats half portion of meal. Her meal should only be the equivalent size of her head without the muzzle. Do not over feed. Like any athlete diet, exercise and rest ;) make all the difference in the world.

APASA 08-09-2013 06:47 AM

:) Thank you. I mean it. I couldn't have come closer to saying what I needed to hear myself.

I've been feeding heavy on the organs and fats like you said. I've been giving her 2 eggs at a time as like a snack between meals. She doesn't like the texture of raw eggs and/or the shells. She likes the smell and acts like she wants to eat it but spits it out. She likes them cooked, or raw & mixed with the water I drain from my tuna can, are eggs even that good of a snack? I like them bc they are cheap, and easy to keep in the fridge in the house, thus on hand.

I need to do more hand walking with her I think. I've been taking her a quarter mile in the a.m. just as like an empty out/warm up, and then another quarter with a weight behind her, in a harness. It's just enough weight to have her panting lightly when we get back. Then depending on the day we either break for a while or will do some flirt work till she's hot enough I start to tell myself to watch that she isn't getting "too" hot.
If we break then if 15-30minutes later we will get out and I'll let her chase the flirt along the ground with a 4lb weighted collar until I see her start tire a lil, then I take the collar off (giving her a second wind) and use the flirt to work/guide her through an obstacle course. Then we will break again, let her have a drink, catch her breath good and rest a moment, and depending on the weather (how hot it's gotten by that time) we will go for a run on the 4-wheeler abt 5mi.

Now this is on a good full day. I won't lie, there are days we work a flirt pole 15-20 minutes and nothing else. Those are the days that are setting us behind. Those are the days (like her rest day) that she shreds trash if left unsupervised in the house very long. She wants to work. She gets bored. I want to scold her, but I know it's my fault. It's her way of telling me, "let's go do something dammit!"

Firehazard 08-09-2013 10:36 AM

There ya go.. and yes I left that out, and you reminded me. Handwalkin in one of the most important parts .. Get up early get your mile in. Don't care how long. Get the mile. Go at your pace let her drag a 20ft rope, idea is to pace the dog where the rope in mabye 3ft infront of you the whole trip. Gotta get that mile in. Because if shes in shape she can run 12 easy. I used to run dogs with a 4wheeler when I had my sled dogs way back in late 90s I would go all over jauls county backroads country pastures, woods, creek bottoms. Id say you got a real good jump. Just need to change it up. Some days its fine to work solely on catch, or wind.. but you should always start your day with a mile or two. I've found it really helps with dogs attitude the rest of the day as well. OH! Surfer said something about canned salmon.. if its cheaper than tuna than put your two eggs with a bit of that in the morning.. and that would be great easily digestible proteins.

So schedule your days and weeks, gotta keep track just like a personal trainer, cause.. thats what your doing. :pup: This next week make sunday day 1, sat 7. pick a day for rest, nothing but the morning walk and maybe a short jot evening. Setup a routine and regiment for strength, wind, mind, agility.. and some days should be short intense of all of the exercises, some specialized..... You'll be pleased as a pup. .. My chain dogs look like many peoples show dogs, conditioned.. my dogs are very light.. good bone though :D

mccoypitbulls 08-09-2013 11:07 AM

I really like this dog too.

APASA 08-09-2013 01:56 PM

Thanx Mccoy

And thank you again FH. We got our mile in this a.m. she doesn't pull at all ... She heels too good to pull. I didn't think about that when I started her obedience. I don't have to command it, she just walks with her nose just behind where my calf would be at a standstill (which a lil too far back for my liking). Her personality makes me a lil depressed. She is so humdrum looking.. Just kinda mopes along.. I talk to her and try to cheer her up and I know she's happy, because as soon as I stop talking and carrying on like a fool to her, loving on her head and trying to get her romp with me a lil bit, she will rear up real gentle like and put her front paws on my leg and lay her head against my thigh and ever so softly she will wag her tail. She's done it since she was a pup.

She can be going crazy on a chain or in a pen, but soon as I try to pet her or talk her to she freezes up, and gets real still. Then when I stop petting her, or if I stand back up she will stand on her rear two and repeat that whole lil ordeal. If I leave the pen, or get out side her chain she goes right back to bouncing around and "woo woo woo" ing at me. She barks like that if I don't pay her any attention when she wants it. Putting a leash/harness on her is like me walking with one hand on her head. She is calm, quiet, and low key the whole time.

Also this diet of fats and organs is making her poop real soft, almost the runs.. That ok? She doesn't poop alot (at time) but it's almost black and a tad on the runny side.

APASA 08-09-2013 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by Firehazard (Post 865722)
My chain dogs look like many peoples show dogs, conditioned.. my dogs are very light.. good bone though :D

I'd love to have one your dogs :) *Cough awesome new litter cough*

Lol I have a few more things to prove to myself with the bulldogs I have right now before I want to take on anymore. I don't like having bored dogs with no purpose in their exsistence other than to offer pictures for decorating a nice pedigree collection.

ThaLadyPit 08-09-2013 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by APASA (Post 858809)
ThaLadyPit, it's a cheapo! It was like $130 bucks from wal-mart, I had to have it for a photography class. I have a really nice Canon, but.. It uses film. My mother gave it to me, to use for the class before I found out the camera had to be digital. I've never used it, but i'd bet it would produce the quality I'd like to have, film is just expensive considering the amt of photos I take.

I hear ya! I have my el cheapo digital that I needed for my photography course, and then a couple film cameras... one is a Pentax IQ Zoom that takes awesome pix (35mm) and an old school Yashica SLR (35mm)... and I don't use those hardly at all due to the cost of film. Here lately, I've not been motivated enough to even use my digital... pretty bad when you lose motivation in something you normally love doing, I know... just gotta find my niche again.

Firehazard 08-09-2013 02:18 PM

Thanks for the props on the litter.. and yes.. actually poop should look like a snake :poop: <<<---{{{ of course add a lil more meat and less fat if its too runny. But hard dog turds as we think of is a sign of poor digestion.

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