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APASA 08-01-2013 01:30 PM

Conditioning; Tips Appreciated. (image heavy)
So, aside from giving the dogs a workout on occasion for the fun of it, or having them tag along on a 4-wheeler ride or hog hunt, I've never really decided I was going to condition one of my dogs, and then get out on a daily basis and work towards that goal. Well.. now I have. I really do not know "how" to do it in terms of a "by the book" method.

Thus far, I haven't had a set routine, or written out a schedule. I've just taken her out everyday and in some form or another got her going until her breathing and energy level/reaction time have let me know she needs to stop. Some days one "workout" is all we do, others we may get out and work several times throughout the day.

The different workouts have included a lot of flirt work, mostly because that's her favorite, but also because it's the easiest to get out a do where ever we are, and it fits in the best on days I get busy. We usually take a good walk sometime during the day, usually in the morning, and I've put a harness on her with a small weight, just enough to give a lil resistance, a time or two. I also took her swimming with a harness on (not a weight pull harness) and used the flirt pole to make her pull the john boat around the pond (but I'ma get her a life jacket before we do that again lol). I've also taken her running with the 4-wheeler a time or two, although, she's not the most fluid runner on the yard haha :)

I think that's it as far as the diff activities go. I had a jenny.. But Rebel, broke it >:( So until it's repaired I won't be able to use it.. Although I think I can rig it for now..

Anyhow.. I feed raw prey model style and I was wondering if anyone had any tips as to the best way to feed a dog your trying to condition.. I know with kibble you can measure everything in cups..

Or is there anything I should do that I'm not?

I will add pics later.. Im in the middle of my second week with her.. so just getting started..

Thanks in advance

mccoypitbulls 08-01-2013 09:05 PM

Don't see any pics..sounds like you are doing fine. Keep up the good work!

welder 08-01-2013 09:53 PM

sounds like you have a good deal of work now...
different workouts mite be the trick to keep the dog interested.
handwalking is great and overlooked a lot........not just around the house lol
put some distance between you and the house.
think you'd be surprised at the shape of your dog will be in a few weeks.
one thing tho.........be careful with the jenny! been a lot of hounds hurt
on them...owners also if they don't pay attention.
they can be a bitch on the dogs shoulders.
as far as the raw I only do it as a treat once ever 10 days or so,cant help you there.
a lot on here can tho.
can I ask what are you conditioning it for?
and pics will get you more replys lol.

APASA 08-02-2013 02:51 PM

Yes, I'm about to post pics.. I just didn't have time yesterday it's slow to post them because I have to upload them else where to get a URL first.. I want to kind of document her progress with photos here which I wrote "image heavy" because it will be over time..

I'm conditioning because I love how this girl is bonding with me, and I've never really done it all out and proper. I've always started a routine and then faded out of it with in like a week because we get busy or I start working with a different dog.. I want to prove to myself, and KU that we can do it all the way. She's willing to work hard for me.. and she's inspired to me to get off my lazy ... and do right by her. I've started her in obedience while we are doing this so she is getting a lot of walking everyday too because i start out teaching attentiveness for about a week which involves a lot of walking in a lot of different environment. She's excelled there too, and is now well into heeling. I may consider weight pull. I intially wanted to show her.. but being almost all white with pink on her eyerims and mostly pink pads Idk how well she'd do.. She shows the potential for protection training. I have access to an awesome mentor if I decided to take her that direction.. Pretty much through conditioning I'm getting to know her. She is supposed to be my hub's dog.. And I kept telling myself.. nope not gonna work her. She's his pick.. his dog.. not going to make her first strong bond with me.. But hell she's what, 10.5-11months now.. Psshh I've taken her over :) Snooze ya loose.. And what a heck of a loss for him haha!

APASA 08-02-2013 02:56 PM

This is her about a week I guess...? Before we started any training... or workouts..

APASA 08-02-2013 03:00 PM

She is soo dirty! ^^^ Stayed on clay mixed with sand next to a cedar tree so she always had sticky sapp like stuff on her.. I cleaned her up and brought her in the house though :D

Here is her like the middle of first week.. http://s24.postimg.org/5j355ghhx/GEDC5848_640x581.jpg

Firehazard 08-02-2013 03:02 PM

if ya wanna lean her out add more 4 wheeler miles 12 minimum; make each trip longer and on the trip include the swim. Some like to begin with, some end. I like to do both. begin and end with a swim. .... The swimming is best for heart and lungs not to mention every muscle in the body.. include some latter style drills with flirt (in the water and on land), and updowns using 6ft round bales. Put the long paced run at the end on most days and at the beginning on those one day a week max outs. Just before the cool down swim.
There is a regiment partially laid out in a discussion with JTP : the dogs. You can also order books on keep ;) I just threw in some of my favorites.

APASA 08-02-2013 03:44 PM

These are just some action shots from flirting that same day.. I'm pretty sure I already posted some these on here. Oh well. Most of the action pics will be flirting I guess. Mostly because I take the pics and work the dog at the same time by myself most of the time.. Occasionally I get help ;) Also they Jenny would be good for pics but it's such a shady area, my camera doesn't get enough light to get a fast shutter speed so the pics suck.. Btw my jenney can go both directions and I usually do 2 minutes both directions and then stop em. Doesn't sound like much but it's hot, and the over work/ stress over the coon skin like there is no tmrw. Plus .... I worry about em getting hurt so I stop em after 4 minutes, walk em down check em over work a different dog or two then put em back on for another 4 minutes.. So far it does good that way.. well did.. till Rebel jacked it up.

APASA 08-02-2013 03:58 PM

Thanks for the tips Fire Hazard. I have to get her a life jacket. She can't swim worth a flip. She starts trying to look up and then get's vertical in the water and goes under.. Then she panics. Long as I keep the flirt flag out in front of her and right on the top of the water she will keep her head down and swim ok.. but one look up and I guess she forgets to keep paddling and sinks.. She also isn't a good runner.. real awkward stride. Rebel my horsapit terrier :) runs like a thoroughbred. He is a beautiful runner. I put him on a 4ft lead and run him along side the wheeler (he will go after cows if loose.. ) until we get out away from the house and pastures and he will keep perfect pace. I run him just for the sheer joy of watching him. He's so fluid, switches leads without the slightest break in pace... And will go for miles unwinded.. And He is fat.. I mean for his build and such he is fat.

Oh and you feed raw dont' you? Any tips there?

APASA 08-02-2013 04:23 PM

Here she is From the Middle of the Second Week :) (yesterday)


KMdogs 08-02-2013 04:26 PM

If has s good bit of prey drive introduce.some Boar piss..

Rig up a pole facing down on 4 wheeler or mountain bike,. Have a durable rope she likes and soak it and get it on that rod securely where its draggin.. get In a good area and you'll need good recall and work your way up to it..

But take off rope draggin, about 20 to 30 seconds later have someone release her ti go after it.. you'll need to go fast enough to where she can't catch it but slow enough to keep sight..

Start with a baseline of 10 miles, 5 if really out of shape.. build your way up..

I do something similar during pre season get em ready.. works well for conditioning if you want to keep her lean and toned.

APASA 08-02-2013 05:03 PM

Hmm.. cool idea KM.. Different. And I like different. I have a boar.. And she likes.. well more like hates .. him! I keep a boar tethered in our old chicken coop for the dogs to play with so they stay on their toes.. And she likes trying to catch him although she hasn't gotten her confidence up quite enough to grab him anywhere but on the butt lol She hasn't been in with him much though.

I like taking her running through the back part of the pasture that the hogs tore up this past spring bc it hasn't been bush hogged and it's tall tall grass and weeds and she has to hop through it which I imagine can be a good workout. I know when she gets tired bc she quits hopping and just blunders through it, and when she finally stumbles out the other side her face is green from grass stains lmao!

We were out walking the other morning and there was a coon in the pasture up by the catch pens. I took off running after it so she'd see it before it got out of site and she nailed him! Rolled him up and in about 15seconds had popped his peepers out. If you guys would have known her before I started spending time with her.. The dog in the first pic is so a dog of the past.. I know all this little stuff doesn't sound like much.. But for her.. She has really come around..

APASA 08-02-2013 05:12 PM

From the same day as the last one.. Which was actually day before yesterday..

mccoypitbulls 08-02-2013 05:45 PM

Cool pics.looks like u are makin a good time..above posts are great info. love them black ears. i believe u can tone up nice and ur well on ur way. keep us posted.

Firehazard 08-02-2013 06:13 PM

livers, hearts, and fats... mixed with greens and rice ;) If can get it fresh Salmon ;) ;) the total portion of food should be no bigger than her head is in volume, pretty close to stomach size. Feed a slight calorie burner before and the meal after the work out.

rice is your filler, potatoes work well.. don't over do it with the liver and hearts. There is also beef hearts and livers gather your beef fats from butcher as well. Nothing builds blood cells naturally like liver and heart. use other meat too, its just those two things are full of amino acids, vitamins and proteins not found anywhere else.

Thats unprocessed foods... I believe surfer left some good hints on the JTP thread: The Dogs ... as well.

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