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hell no they wont go 03-09-2009 03:47 PM

for the newbs and everyone else
i know there constaintly going to be new people joining this forum who have either been in this breed or are new to it but i thought it would be nice to at least every now and then post some pitbull basics for those who are new to the breed yeah they can ask their own questions if they have an but im sure if we add facts we will cover some topics and well facts that may have never occured to them but are always importiant to know so those of you who have been in the breed a while or just know a bunch about this breed post what youl ike please i am also interested to see what we all have to say.

i'll start with some basics

# 1 color means nothing in this breed it does not indentify rarity or temperment merle coloring is a sign of a mix and health issues.

#2 an american pitbull terrier is a dog that weighs anywhere from 40 to 65 pounds give or take male or female

#3 an american bully is a heavier set dog usually from 70 to 100 pound depending on where you get them and how they were bred some can be as short as an english bulldog some can be a healthy height...i'll let the american bully people cover the american bullies they will know standards better.

#4 the american pitbull terrier WAS a fighting dog and it is not uncommon for even the most well socialized apbt to have dog agression

#5 an apbt (well bred) will not be people agressive but may attack only if it feels highly threatened by a person or an owners life may be at steak an apbt would rather lick a burglar to death then bite it THESE ARE NOT GUARD DOGS NORE ARE THEY MEANT TO BE VICIOUSE IF YOU WANT A GUARD DOG GET A DIFFERENT BREED!

#6 the term pitbull is only a term that repersents 20 plus breeds that look similar that the genral public can not tell apart so they fall under the pitbull category sad but true the name for this breed is the american pitbull terrier

#7 DO NOT BREED YOUR PIT UNLESS YOU ARE A REPUTABLE BREEDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone wonders why i am sure over half the people on this forum could easily explain so if anyone wonders why i put that feel free to ask away please!

ok waiting for others to add their imput and facts i know there are a hell of a lot more then 7!

MY MIKADO 03-09-2009 03:52 PM

Good thread Jess.

8. The APBT is a working dog. If you are looking for a couch potato look for a different breed.

9. The APBT is one of the most persecuted dogs with BSL looming everywhere so be sure you are a responsible onwer and show your dog in the most positive way you can.

hell no they wont go 03-09-2009 04:20 PM

wait another thing i forgot to post

#10 try to avoid heavy chains or using a chain as an every day collar and leash one it is probobly uncomftorble for your dogs and i have seen plenty of dogs with raw necks from oversized tight chains not only that but it makes the breed look bad and it makes you look like a trouble maker we DONT need any more bad images of this breed dont worry most people will unfortunately be intimidated by your dog just by looking at the breed alone never mind making it even worse by adding sinister items. i left out spiked collars because i think that is more about personal preference i mean the spiked collars that arent 4 to five inched spikes with rows and rows of spikes and extremely thick the same goes for spiked harnesses i do not see thar much of a problem with spiked collars that are just one row of spikes and not a super thick collar. this is not a rule pit owners must follow but a damb good suggestion.

LiiL_L0cz_Red_N0se 03-09-2009 04:28 PM

good post!!!!

#11. Red Nose, Blue Nose, Black nose, carry no importance or ranking for the APBT. It is simply the color of their nose.

This could add on to #2

Since the APBT is a medium sized dog, they do not qualify for large breed food. Even though and AMBully can reach 100#s that ALSO does not qualify it to be large breed. Please stick to REGULAR/ MEDUIM dog food.

LiiL_L0cz_Red_N0se 03-09-2009 04:30 PM

#12 Dog parks are setting your pitbull up for failure. Stay away from traditional dog parks becuase it only places your dog in a strenuous situation. Even if your dog is the best trained dog in the world, you cannot trust other owners to have spent the same ammount of time and energy into training their dog. IF and incidents does occur, u and your dog will most liekly be put to blame simply becuase you ahve a pitbull.

MY MIKADO 03-09-2009 04:55 PM

13. The APBT needs lots of socialization. I have many breeds of dogs but my pitbulls need to see new people all the time or they act weird. Join a dog club or set-up a taining schedule with a rsonal trainer to help you out.

hell no they wont go 03-09-2009 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by LiiL_L0cz_Red_N0se (Post 121437)
oh of course this is the rough draft... :) im just saying when its finished :) at least its in their inbox, and i dont know about u but i have a message in there and that 1 UNREAD is always bold... it bugs the sh*t outta me until i read it :)

yeah usually a little box pops up for me telling me i have a mssage plus if something like that were to happen may want to get rid of some of this chatting on topic its fine and all but not too informative if this were to be something used to inform a group of people. i like the way u think.

#14 if you own a dog agressive pitbull it may be a good idea to carry around a break stick it is a wooden wedge shaped object used to pry open jaws if you own one be careful people see break stck and instaintly assume fighting dog. i would have posted a website on break sticks but the only ones i could frind were about how break sticks are only used for pitbulls dangerouse jaws blah blah blah only dog fighter have them more blah blah blah but if you have one or get one keepit on you when you have your pit but keep it hidden until needed.

#15 along with 14 i will talk about the break stick and other things pitbull owners use that make people think they are dog fighters, treadmill, spring pole, and muzzles. there is nothing wrong with these items i would have to say a spring pole is definately favored around these parts but does mean you are a dog fighter. all these items are handy but make you look bad yes they can be signs of a fighting dog the public isnt completely wrong but they will blame you of fighting if you have any of these things even if they see you dog or dogs dont have scratch on them never mind battle scars and whatever else a fighting dog may look like. not evryone will think this if u have any of these items just the ignorant and wanna be know it alls. this is just something to keep in mind and be prepared for if you get acused of dog fighting. i personally think abreak stick should be carried by all owners who have agresive large breed dogs especially an owner who cant physically handle breaking up a dog fight. just saying if you own any of these please be aware of what most people will think of you i personally do no get why a spring pole would be a sign of a dog fighter but it said so on that micheal vick case they showed on tv and i have heard it mentioned that they were used by dog fighters usually its on the internet people bash stuff like this ah the internet the wonderful world of:poop: talking even if you dont know anything about whate er it is u are talking about gotta love it:(

diva 03-09-2009 05:35 PM

Keep your dog contained at all times. APBTs can be great escape artists. Make sure the equipment you are using is strong enough to hold a bulldog. Inspect collars, chains, fencing, and all other hardware on a regular basis.

Socialize and exercise your dog daily.

Never leave your dog unattended with other pets.

hell no they wont go 03-09-2009 05:58 PM

i was just reading a thread that made me want to post this as well.

what is now #19 the apbt is not meant to be a heavily muscled bulky dog in the least bit. they are a lean muscled athletic dog sure they are meant to be lean muscled but that does not mean they can not have some real nice defined muscles i have seen some very muscly pits that yes were lean muscled but definately noticable from a distance. if you want a big muscled bulky sort of dog you will most likely want an american bully instaed an apbt should not give you bulk at all.

LiiL_L0cz_Red_N0se 03-09-2009 06:01 PM

to add to your post... i read this somewhere but i remeber them comparing the dogs to people

apbt=is more like a swimmer,or runner
ambully=is more like a body builder

hell no they wont go 03-09-2009 06:31 PM

lol thats a good one.

hmm lets see ne thing else i can come up with before im off the computer...

#20 i think this is a good one i actually learned it from my dog training teacher. Never let your dog greet another dog if one or both of them are on leash. reason first off they can easily get entangled which could lead to a fight and again pitbull and dog fights= bad outcome! second off some dogs are friendly off leash but some have leash agression so if an owner says yes my dog is freindly ask if the dog has leash agression this means a dog is only agressive on leash because it feels confined like if it gets in a situation it doesnt want to be in on leash it realizes it is on a leash and prolly has nowhere to go so the fact they are confined makes them leash agressive and you do not want your apbt greeting a dog that sees anything as a threat while it is on leash. again dogs can get tangled and strangled if that happens a fight may break out not only dangerouse for the dogs but now the owners have to dive into that mess and try to break up the fight without any battle damadge bfore the dogs get hurt or strangle themsleves. so no greeting other dogs on a leash bad idea. this is another good reason to carry a break stick.

MY MIKADO 03-09-2009 07:27 PM

I think we need to add that when you have your APBT with you you should be watching what they are doing. I know alot of people get to talking and do not see the warning signs and then bad stff happens. Be aware of wht your dogs signals are saying to you about his/her surroundings.

LiiL_L0cz_Red_N0se 03-09-2009 09:06 PM


just becuase the breeder who sold you your pups "says" the pup is a purebred, doesnt mean it without paperwork. U must have both the Dam and Sire registered to trace the bloodline to prove they are a "purebred" even then it may not be true, papers get hun all the time

hell no they wont go 03-10-2009 02:09 AM


to tell the difference between a reputable breeder and a back yard breeder.

REPUTABLE: they will have all dogs registered under an organization, they have "papers" for all their dogs and will give you za copy of these papers when making a purchase, their dogs will have some sort of titles to their names, their dogs will have been health and temperment tested and will have proof of it, their dogs will strictly fit breed standards, they will have a kennel name, they will not post dogs for sale on yahoo answers, youtube, any social website, or use news paper ads,they will be concerned about who is adopting pups and will usually ask you questions to see how suitable you are as an owner,they will not breed sibling dogs, they will NOT advertise for color.

Back yard breeder: someone who breeds for these reasons, they want a puppy, they want extra cash, they just want to, they think they have a nice looking dog, they may or may not have papers if they do they are often "hung"their dogs do not fit breed standards physically, mentally, or health wise sometimes and often all three ESPECIALLY in the american pitbull terrier, they will seem to not know or care about how overpopulized this breed is nore will they understand or care that more pits are put in the pound each year due to over breeding they will usually say this breed should be bred more to help teach how great they are or some junk like that, they may not want to show you a parent or both parents, they will not beable to provide you with poof health or temperment testing, their dog usually dont come from any bloodlines or any known bloodlines, they will tell you till they are blure in the face their dogs are purebred but will not provide evidence, they will sell for unreasonable amounts of money with the stupid sales pitch RARE BLUE NOSE$$$ RARE RED NOSE$$$ RARE MERLE$$$$ RARE GERM AN BRED PIT$$$$ (no such thing as a german bred pit but i have heard the term used at least three times before and merle is definately a mutt) they usually will not bother to ask you questions to see if you are good for the breed since all they care about is cash and do not want any lingering puppies. the list for bybs can go on and on they come in all forms and places with all different reasons

#23 pitbulls DO NOT have lock jaw, thier brains do not swell as they get older causing them to go crazy, they DO NOT turn n anyone at the drop of a dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

gator912 03-10-2009 02:31 AM

great post ,we as apbt owners are frown upon by alot of people because of the owners that don't take care of the pits.these dogs are not as bad as people think its their owners.please take care of your dog or give it to someone else that can...

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