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SherryTTetreault 08-20-2014 06:06 PM

My mom's pitbull was poisoned by her neighbor. We ran out of funds trying to help, an
The fundraiser page is here

Hi /pitbulls. I rescued my buddy Damien, a blue nose, at the age of 5 weeks. Though he has had a nasty habit of injuring himself as a puppy (about 1,000 in surgery bills in his first year of life) I managed to keep him alive and he has been healthy and happy since. He's the epitome of love, and a posterchild for the breed. When my mom's dog died of old age two years ago, he didn't want to leave when we visited due to her sadness. Long story short, I haven't had the heart to take him back. He saved her heart.

But now he is dying. A few weeks ago, my mom had a belligerent neighbor move in next door, who had some very strong words about how all pitbulls should be killed. (Since he moved in, he has had issues with three different neighbors, one involving him shooting someone's house with a BB gun). We think he poisoned my dog :-(

After spending several hundred bucks in treatments and vet bills, we are out of money and Damien is running out of body weight. He's down about 15-20% of his body weight now. We need help.

If anyone can donate anything, $5.00 even, we would appreciate it. If you can't give, you can upvote for visibility and that is just as appreciated.

Pictures of Damien

EDIT We did an ultrasound at a non-profit today, but they had no certified radiologist so those are being shipped out. However, the vet did see that his intestines are extremely inflamed. To the point that it is pushing his liver into other organs. From the vet's description, he says this would either be from Damien being poisoned or eating tons of bark (which has never happened nor is there bark in the yard for him to eat). Sadly, it is too late for toxicology tests to prove anything or carbon to absorb any toxins. They are out of his system and this is the bi-product.

The vet says he will be dead within a week on the liquid diet and massive diarrhea. We went and got more prescription meds, and actual prescription food. We are hoping we can get it in him. Depending on the results, they may still want a CT scan.They may also need to surgically remove a portion of dead intestines... we don't know yet.

Thank you to everyone who has spread the message or donated a few bucks. We would not have had the treatment today (which was over $300 total with the prescriptions) if it was not for the kindness to others. It makes the many hateful remarks and PM's worth it!

EDIT 2 Surgery tomorrow. He has part of his intestine dead due to the above mentioned happenings, and it needs to be cut out and reconnected :-(

BCdogs 08-20-2014 08:24 PM

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Wow, I'm so sorry that happened to you. There's a special place in hell for people who harm our animals.

redog 08-20-2014 08:44 PM

What ever happens, don't let the animal suffer. Doing what you can do is one thing but don't drag this out if the vet advises to put to sleep

ames 08-20-2014 11:41 PM

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So sorry I hope your pup gets better or you are able to help then go peacefully. I hope you now have camera installed outside I catch your neighbor if he tries anything else.

Garz 08-21-2014 11:35 PM

Is he eating and drinking? I've had two dogs swallow chew toy's that lodged in their intestines. One of them you could hardly tell in xrays. She had to have 18" of intestine removed because we waited so long. She made it (Barley).

In both cases, they quit eating and drinking all together.

Best of luck to you. That sucks.

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