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TeamCourter 12-19-2014 07:33 PM

Questions for the experienced ones
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I am going to start adding weight for my two mutts to carry in their backpacks during our walks. My question would be how much weight I should start them out at? Also how often I should increase the weight, and by how much each time?
Gemi is almost 18 months old, 23" tall, and 62-64 lbs. Deucey is 6.5 years old, 22.5" tall, and 78 lbs.

BCdogs 12-19-2014 07:36 PM

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I don't really use set weights, I use water bottles. So I started with a water bottle in each side that was 1/4 full. I also didn't up it in set increments, I waited until I could see Squirt's stamina improving. At first you could tell that it was much more tiring on our walks, but slowly he was able to walk longer without pooping out. So I just increased them to 1/2 full after I noticed a big difference in stamina, then again to 3/4 full, and now we use 2 full water bottles. I could probably increase it to small barbells or something but 2 full water bottles works fine for us. Hope that helped :)

DickyT 12-19-2014 08:29 PM

If you plan to use weights, I would start with 2.5 lbs and see how it effects them. If not at all then 5 lbs until you notice it no longer phases them. Then step it to 10 lbs, until it no longer phases them. Then 15.

For walking I would not go more than 15lbs at the high end. Walking while carrying the weight is much different than pulling.

STiLL WILL 12-19-2014 09:06 PM

I usually would add 1 pound weekly but wouldn't surpass 1/3 of your dog's overall weight in extra carrying weight.

I like the slow and steady approach when it comes to road work.

circlemkennels 12-20-2014 02:19 AM

We use a weighted harness when ours are on the mill and spring pole.. I usually only put 5-10lbs depending on the dog.. just start out light and work your way up.

ames 12-20-2014 06:13 AM

Questions for the experienced ones
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I worked up a lb more a week to 15-20% of my pups weight I use sand bags. And the laguard vest has inserts and is awesome (but no room to carry back the cat food cans from the pet store lol)

::::COACH:::: 12-20-2014 03:52 PM

I like sand...it molds to the dogs body rather than weighs or water bottles, etc. if you are just walking, I'd probably not do more than 2lbs in a backpack. Don't want to stress the back. I like to put the sand in for only the first mile maybe and that is just to get the dog tired and working, then I take it off.

If you are talking about dragging or pulling weight well then start off just dragging a chain and work your way up to weights. You can use a drag sled or use a window weight type thing.

You will find that everyone does things different...depends on what your end goal is.

TeamCourter 12-20-2014 05:52 PM

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Thank you for the input everyone! I was thinking about just using water bottles, but I like the sand idea better I think. I will make sure to start out real slow. We are gonna do a little weight in the backpacks for a while, until I can get the proper stuff for dragging weight.

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