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starburst 01-06-2015 09:17 PM

Merle Genetics & Questions
Obviously I understand that most pit bull/ bully enthusiasts are anti merle for reasons (opinions) of inpurity. I also understand the health risks of merle/merle breedings and am not promoting them.I am curious though, the LUA Dalmatians were crossed with German Shorthair Pointers and were bred back to Dalmatians over the course of years. Those dals are registered and accepted (by most, but not all) as being purebred Dalmatians, shown even and placed. If this is conceivable for those in the Dal world, why is it not in the pit/bully world? I always hear people mock and ask merle owner's "What is it crossed with?" but is it not possible that 20 generations back is when the cross happened and not one generation back? Would this not make said dog % wise a pure bred? I am not trying to be mocking or mean, and I am here to learn. I just thought of this though and am looking for answers. Here is the link about the LUA Dalmatians http://www.luadalmatians.com/History.html

petquality 01-07-2015 10:52 PM

i have no doubt there are plenty of registered merle "pit bulls". probably pink and purple ones too. thats due to the fact that money is more important to the registry than the integrity of the dog. jmo

starburst 01-08-2015 05:11 AM

*misread , sorry *but , if the cross was 20+ generations ago, would the "merle" apbt be considered pure? Also, I noticed on another thread that while the merle pups from a litter were not registerable those that were non merle were registerable. Are these pups considered pure because they are not merle? That makes no sense to me at all, other than ceasing the"merle" apbt's for health/greed, and NOT for "purity" issues as claimed by most people against merle apbt. I understand it is the registry that decides this, but why not cease any registration from any "merle" lines, instead of just those who display the color? The whole merle issue is confusing to me. Sorry. :P

DickyT 01-08-2015 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by starburst (Post 1447194)
but why not cease any registration from any "merle" lines, instead of just those who display the color?

Because sadly with the registries, it all boils down to the mighty dollar, not the betterment of the breed... :(

::::COACH:::: 01-09-2015 06:03 PM

It's not conceivable to those of us who love TRUE purebred dogs because we don't want that blood or have reason to have that blood in our dogs. APBTs do not need catahola leopard dogs in their gene pool to make them better dogs. They are not a breed based on looks like the bullies are. I can see why some would say that Merle is ok in the bully world though because American bullies are known cross breeds so I personally don't really see a huge deal with a Merle Amercian Bully, since it is a newer breed and has several breeds crossed into it. Well, depended on the line, class, etc.
Merle does NOT naturally occur in the American Pit bull Terrier or American Staffordshire. If it were to pop up it would mean that the dog is not pure, papers were hung and should be culled from the breeding program.

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