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The pitbull nanny dog, an endangered species

To some, the "Pitbull type" dog is a genetic ticking time-bomb of violence bred to be a fighting machine, but to many others this dog is a phenomenal and gentle canine companion whose sole purpose is to please the humans that love them.

The Pitbull is a term commonly used to describe several breeds of dog in the Molosser family. Many breed-specific laws use the term "pit bull" to refer to the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Terrier, and dogs with significant mixes of these breeds.

All of these tenacious dogs have one thing in common, an undeniable desire, determination and perseverance to please their masters, even fighting to their death under the guidance of Man in exploitation of this breed for violent entertainment.

For Chris Marsan and his infant son Jaeden, this dog is beyond reproach. His son Jaeden pictured above with "Storm" a Razor's Edge/Gotti-line Pit bull Terrier is his personal favorite companion. They spend the majority of their time together and are quite the inseparable pair.

He is the most loving dog, as you can tell by these photos. My son's favorite toy. She just lays there and lets him do as he pleases, and very willingly. They have a very special bond. If my son is crying or upset all we need to do is take him to see Storm and an instant smile lights up his face, and all his worries and troubles are forgotten, our Storm is the ultimate nanny dog", laughs Chris Marsen."

Like many other individuals fighting for this breeds very existence and for some their pets lives, Chris Marsan is now among the many, worried about the grim prospect of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in his country. Where so many once thought "it is not their problem" now it sits at their own front door.

Our Government here in Trinidad & Tobago is trying to implement that nonsense BSL law. Some dog breeders, trainers and owners have formed our own organization called "The Responsible Dog Owners of Trinidad and Tobago" to fight the BSL law and assist in implementing a good law that targets the owners and individual dogs, not just the general breeds" said Chris Marsan."

BSL has taken over countries, ripping innocent pet dogs from their homes based solely on their physical characteristics, regardless of their temperament and disposition.

A Staffordshire Terrier "Bruce" in Northern Ireland in September 2007 was seized by government officials from the only home he ever knew for being a "banned" dog under their BSL legislation. Found in a box on the side of a road as a puppy, all his owner tried to do was save and love an innocent dog and according to them, is the sweetest, most gentle dog you would ever know, who would not harm a fly. While incarcerated these past two years, pending his fate of a death sentence, but now on appeal, Bruce has lost his tail to amputation from infection, and countless other pet dogs share a similar alleged history of neglect, disease, and suffering in these government kennels.

The atrocities of BSL dogs languishing in kennels under neglectful conditions is reminiscent of the past crimes against humanity. Family pet dogs are dying every day of unknown causes in kennels like these, not related to euthanasia. Families are denied access, information on their dogs welfare, and denied visitation rights, and many only see their dogs again when returned to them in a cardboard box with no explanation to their cause of death. One of these individuals after retrieving his dead dog in such a manner went home and committed suicide in grief.

Four pet dogs in London snatched off the street while trying to take a walk with their unsuspecting owner, now incarcerated with their fate unknown, in secluded government kennels. Their owner denied information and access to the welfare of his dogs.

In Ohio, the most notorious and controversial American state for the harshness of its BSL law, authorities confiscated a pitbull look-a-like named Roscoe off the street when on a morning walk with his disabled veteran owner. DNA evidence later released him from custody and saved his life. It was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that no pitbull DNA existed in him. Roscoe was a genetic Boston Terrier, even though his resemblance of a pitbull was striking, proving you cannot judge a book by its cover. Fortunately, his owner had the financial resources to save his dogs life.

Then there is Ginger in Missouri, a pit bull terrier mix, completely and totally 100% blind. A harmless, defenseless pet dog, who did nothing wrong except resemble a dangerous dog, she was turned in by neighbors when seen in her owners window. She was confiscated from her home, taken from the only safety net of her disability she ever knew.

A law supposedly designed to keep public streets safer, yet, do people sleep better knowing that Ginger, a blind and defenseless pit bull is off the streets of Missouri, as if she frequented them in the first place?

These are just some of the thousands of pet dogs that were causing no harm, minding their own business, innocent of any wrong-doing, snared in the tangled web of this erratic law, some still fighting to stay alive, maimed, scarred, and traumatized thanks to Breed Specific Legislation.
All over the world BSL is spreading like a disease of mass proportions. Even in the desert of Tucson, Arizona, I am no stranger to its clutches.

Moving into a new place this past January, I had strangers sneaking around my place taking pictures of my dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier looking out our window. I had letters being sent to me regarding my dangerous dog and I found myself stressing over the possibility of having to move in defense of my dog. I had to purchase a million dollar third party liability insurance policy, not because of any misdeed she did, but because of the way my dog looked.

The terror, invasion of privacy and anxiety I experienced was very real and very frightening. To imagine the horrors of what all the other family's felt when their pet dog is actually ripped from their protection, taken away, with no information on their welfare given, no visitation, and then learning of their mistreatment and neglect is beyond human comprehension.

This law has yet to show its original intention of protecting against dangerous dogs. Its only success is in harassing, abusing and exterminating innocent, pet dogs just trying to live a simple dog's life. But, now they are hunted down in a witch hunt of madness.

What this law has shown is its inhumanity in its entirety. Eradicating, annihilating, and obliterating an entire breed of dog that was once our nation's icon, a three-times decorated war hero, a national symbol of dedication and bravery, and the poster dog of America.

Today's pit bulls are still ambassadors of this great breed, rescued from death row in shelters across the country, they now are K9 certified law enforcement service dogs protecting the American soil we walk on. Ironically, this is the same America that is also banning them, confiscating them, and then ordering their destruction. Yet, these dogs are still saving lives, enabling the disabled, and sharing the lives of millions of responsible Americans who love them.

The beauty of today's pit bull still exists in the innocence of these pictures of an infant toddler at play with his faithful companion and watcher. Symbolizing this dogs dedicated spirit and gentle, subservient nature that inspired the affectionate title of "the nanny dog", proving some things never change.
Thankfully, this is our "pit bull" of all time.

For information on BSL in your area:
American Kennel Club Canine Legislation Department News Articles
Stop BSL
Information on "Bring Bruce Home" campaign:
Draconian Dangerous Dogs Act
Endangered Dogs Defence and Rescue - Helping dogs in need
For information on K9 pitbull rescue dogs:
FOR PITS' SAKE // Where Heroes Are The Pits - founded by Kris Crawford

The pitbull nanny dog, an endangered species

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