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Indie 03-31-2017 06:31 AM

The State of the UKC...
Is very worrying right now. They are making a lot of changes, without any reasoning or explanation to their exhibitors.

Change #1:
They updated their website, and mysteriously, the Super Dog list was missing. Exhibitors understandably "pitched a b" about it, and they released the following "explanation:"
March 3, 2017

UKC values every one of our customers, breeders, exhibitors, registrants, judges, stewards, as well as beginners and experienced competitors alike.

When building our new website, the goal was to make it user friendly, easy to navigate, mobile friendly, keeping in mind ease of use for our exhibitors and those new to UKC. During this 18-month process, some tough decisions had to be made based on analytics, time and space. The Super and Ultra dog page was one of these decisions. We appreciate the time and effort that goes into training and exhibiting your dog to obtain these achievements. UKC is passionate about making our registry, events and website the very best for you - the exhibitor.

The National American Pit Bull Terrier Association originated these designations for American Pit Bull Terriers-only approximately ten years ago, based on dogs’ UKC titles earned. In 2011, with the blessing of the NAPBTA, UKC took over the listings, to include all breeds, and dedicated a section of the website to highlight the Super Dog and, eventually, Ultra Dogs. It was made clear that these are listings only, not official UKC titles. UKC does not maintain an ongoing list of potential Super Dogs/Ultra Dogs, based on titles earned. These lists are solely dependent on information supplied by dog owners after they have earned the titles necessary to be designated as Super Dogs/Ultra Dogs.

It is understood the dedication it takes to achieve these designations. However, due to the magnitude of this website and its capabilities we wanted to streamline and simplify information.

UKC President Tanya Raab commented with the following, “Is it gone forever? Perhaps, perhaps not. I want you to know that we have heard you. This is not the final version of this website, there are many more phases and capabilities that we want to offer you. If Super Dog / Ultra Dog comes back, it will be with significant changes.”

UKC appreciates the passion our exhibitors have in pursuing titles and designations for their dogs. We value all that each of the Super Dog/Ultra Dog exhibitors have accomplished. Kudos! You are to be commended. The goal of bonding with your dog in UKC events is what we are here to help you achieve. We look forward to seeing you at events in the future and to explore new opportunities to celebrate your dogs’ success.

- See more at: https://www.ukcdogs.com/article/webs....OJhBSq2Y.dpuf

Change #2:
They demoted all the senior judges, and changed the requirements to obtain the senior judge license. This isn't too bad in respect to conformation, where there are plenty of judges, but a lot of the performance programs are in jeopardy, as it takes a senior judge to be able to train an apprentice judge.

News release:
ffective March 15, 2017
UKC is pleased to announce a complete overhaul of our judges approval process, requirements, and continuing education program. This massive overhaul of the licensing of UKC judges includes revisions to the application requirements, approval process and more for Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience, and Weight Pull.

The revisions are a direct result of the increasing and sustained interest in becoming a UKC judge. Further, these revisions will help the applicant become a more knowledgeable licensed judge and give new judges the opportunity to get more experience before being able to accept apprentices. The revisions also place heavier emphasis on recent activity in the sport, participation in UKC events and earning UKC specific titles.

The UKC Judges Handbook has been updated to reflect these changes.

View specific event requirements by selecting your event from the Judge's Requirement Page.

- See more at: https://www.ukcdogs.com/article/judg....301GrYP2.dpuf

Change #3. and the one that really hits home:
They are no longer publishing Top Producer lists. This means they are no longer tracking the titles earned by offspring, to determine which dogs are producing the best pups. This means that my whole reasoning behind getting Rhodie's siblings all titled... is gone. I could do it out of the kindness of my heart, but my pocketbook really suffers when I haul 4 dogs to a show. Plus, as Ciaramama knows, it's really hard to show 4 dogs of the same breed!!

The best part? Super Dog and Top Producers really brought money in to UKC!! They encouraged owners and breeders to get their dogs out there, get seen, and earn titles!! Every title earned costs hundreds of dollars, usually, and that's $ to clubs to keep on putting on events.

We really think that whomever bought UKC is seeking to put an end to purebred dogs, instead of promoting them. NO ONE KNOWS WHO BOUGHT UKC!!!

UKC? I worry you are going down the toilet. :flush:

Sadly, my dogs are not dual registered with AKC, so that venue is closed to me. :(

DynamicDuo 03-31-2017 07:51 AM

Well, I'm ignorant to the Super/Ultra dog problem but can definitely see how the new judging rules could be an issue!

I can most certainly attest to the difficulties of showing multiple dogs at the same show within the same breed. You know it's bad when I almost got pulled into the ring with Odin in my dog hair covered yoga pants and sweatshirt, looking a hot mess, and having ZERO idea what the heck was going on or what to do since poor Indie was there by herself with FOUR dogs! It was insane and I really did feel bad having to leave.

Now Indie, correct me if I'm wrong, please...The AKC does not recognized APBT BUT if Indie had been cross registered she could have been registered AKC as an AmStaff and UKC as an APBT, since she's a "pit with a staff infection" as you affectionately called her, correct? Since AKC doesn't recognize APBT as purebred, I'm assuming all AKC registered dogs have AmStaff somewhere in their ped, right? Then ADBA is only select bull breeds (AmBully, APBT, and Patterdales) whereas UKC is all the different groups and breeds. Also, the standards are different between UKC/ADBA.

I hope y'all can follow whatever the heck I just said in all that alphabet soup!


Indie 03-31-2017 08:33 AM

UKC registered the APBT first. Then, AKC registered them as AmStaffs. There are a LOT of dogs in Indie's ped that are dual registered, but there are a couple outliers. I would have to get those dogs' owners to posthumously register their dogs as AmStaffs to get the trickle effect all the way to Indie. ugh. May have to start all over in the end. :(

DynamicDuo 03-31-2017 09:08 AM

Well, fingers crossed that the UKC gets their stuff together because that sounds like a PIA either way!

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