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Jblaapbt 01-20-2019 12:33 PM

I'm new here, but would like to touch base on some older posts read. Namely blue dogs
I've seen a lot of discontent towards blue APBT as I know they exist in small numbers just look at Gr Ch Soga for example. But on a genetics level the diluted black gene basically says if there is black blue will possibly show up. The Blue Paul I know has been mentioned rarely in the early 1900's in ads for dog sales here in America, and the fact Scottland and England are connected makes a definitive and very plausable meeting of the dogs as well as maybe being traded, bought or bred together with English bulldog and terrier crosses. That being said the gypsy breed theory that most see isn't quite solid in my opinion. I know they have been noted as being taken other places like Thailand for instance and a possible blue color in the Thai ridgeback can be attributed to them. Would be a good discussion to see others opinions on this as we basically get the extinct breed the gypsies brought along and matched until they died out eventually. I did do some research before getting into the APBT, and the amount of different bull and terrier crosses in England and Ireland suggest some have been either given up on as better crosses we're found or combined to get the better of both along with the hybrid vigor crosses can achieve. With several types of these crosses i.e. APBT, Staffordshire bull terrier, and the bull terrier being the main examples could the Amstaff being allowed to keep that blue coat be proof of the blue Paul being added or gene mutation with the trait being kept and causing more frequent occurrences.

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