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koeJ007 11-11-2011 10:24 AM

In memory of great dogs
We all love our animals and especially our dogs. But most of us have a 'special' dog that we will never forget.
I was wondering if anybody was willing to share their story. What was it about them that touched you?
So many people take for granted the fact that our animals depend on us for everything, but in some strange was we become dependent on them too. Whether it was just seeing their face at the gate when we came home, or the way they made each of us feel just a little bit more important in this crazy, hectic world of ours. :pupruns:

Carriana 11-11-2011 02:23 PM


Brutus was a part of a package deal when I met my husband in 2000. He was 3/4 pit bull and 1/4 husky, only 8 months old when Mike and I started dating. Brutus loved to talk and tell stories (the husky in him I guess). One of his many nicknames was BooRoo since that was his favorite thing to say.

He was the first bulldog I ever met and the reason I will always have a bulldog in my home for the rest of my life. He was the cornerstone of the foundation of our small family. We lost him at the age of ten on Halloween last year to complications from a mass growing in his abdomen. He is missed every day.

Though I have a soft spot for my boy Loki since I got to raise him from a pup there will never be another dog like Brutus. RIP old boy.

koeJ007 11-12-2011 05:48 AM

I'm sorry for your loss. Its funny how certain dogs find a way to creep into our hearts and just stay there!
My dog was called Max and he was a black husky. He wasn't the best looking husky around, partly due to way too much inbreeding. He was weak and a little on the skinny side. (We could never get him to pick up weight no matter what food we gave him). But he had the heart of a lion and never gave up. You know how some people talk about a sixth sense? Well, that was My Max! If he didn't like someone, you had to beware. The last person he had a problem with was a woman- which was completely out of character for him as it was men who made him nervous. Two months later she defrauded my husband!
Max was the best dog I have ever had! His time with us was too short because he died os aflatoxin poisoning at the tender age of 4 1/2 earlier this year.
Brutus and Max will always be in our hearts, today, tomorrow and forever!

Carriana 11-12-2011 06:04 AM

RIP Max :(

Diggit 11-12-2011 09:19 PM

RIP brutus and max! you will never be forgotten.

fortunately, my special one is sleeping on the end of my bed as I type... I wanted to tell this story because some people may over look things that are important, even tho this dog is still living... never base a pick on "looks" alone.
I wish dogs had a longer life span, I dont know what I would do without her.

I will be typing a story for you of bunny.

"bunny" is a traditional style apbt. shes white with black freckles, about 35 lbs in condition.

she was the last pup out of her litter to find a home... I didnt pick that breeding in perticular or the pup, the breeder did, I trusted her choice and I glad I did.

from the get-go she wasnt the most attractive puppy lol... she was sort of like an ugly duckling, she kind of looked like a dalmatian mix puppy. she lacked "breed type".

she took a lot of criticism most of her life from other "dog show'rs"
not many are a fan of all white dogs... and big flat ears.

her flat ears were art of the reason why she got the name "bunny"
without her ears it just wouldnt be "her"
the other reason is because she has a very bouncy humorous temperament,...

but also from the get go she showed me something you can only really see in person... her smarts and athleticism and strength .... I noticed this at a young age.

she caught and killed a mouse in our house that I had no idea was there at the age of 14 weeks... she went in behind my TV, I thought she was chewing cords or something so I called her out of there after she had been tussling with something and she pops out with a dead mouse in her little mouth! :O

at 4 months she was able to walk 4 hours with me.... I would often walk very long distance from one side of town to the other. (I would be walking she would be running around me in circles off leash never roaming more then 15 feet from me) and then after we got home she would wanna play tug-o-war!

she also learned how to mouth 2 sylibol "words" at 4 months old she learned "mama" its not a bark and its not a growl it is something in between.

by 5-6 months I tried to see how she liked my bike, she took to that like duck to water... she tried with all she had to "pull" me on the bike... but she was too tiny... I "helped" her with a little peddling and she was so happy to be at the end of her leash running beside my bike... im not sure if she knew that I helped her get us moving but she sure did look happy pulling with all her might.

by 10 months old I brought her over to my neighbors house who owned many "whooper" weight pulling dogs to show her off...
(I had done weight pulling prior to this)
he was curious to see what bunny would do in the harness, I had never tied her before... I didnt have a clue what the outcome would be. I put her in the harness and hooked up a decent sized puppy chain without her leash on.
what happened next shocked us all.

she put her nose right down and pulled that chain with nice form!

4 months later I had her in pretty nice condition and trained to pull.... she was doing all sorts of great workouts, springpole, flirtpole, pulling me on a bike with no help, lots of drag weight and track pulling.

I entered her in an oklahoma adba pull her very first event.

bunny pulled her heart out for me. her last pull she clawed and clawed... she didnt want to quit, my neighbor yelled from his chair "push the cart!!!"
it was my first pointed event and I never had a dog try so hard pulling before... my neighbor was right! every time a dog is clawing and not moving the cart make your you push them through!

she tied with a very good OFRN bitch, but the OFRN bitch was one pound less.
bunny took a second...

but my neighbor who was watcher her at the pull was so impressed he mentioned that if I ever wanted to sell bunny he would buy her.

I told him no... me and bunny had a very good bond. she was my house dog, and my night time cuddle buddy.

a month or so later-
he went out and bought 2 traditional style small apbt's similar to bunnys "type"

since then bunny has done many good things in different sports, I have been challenging her at almost everything I can, because she is just so much fun to work with, very easy to train and also to prove she CAN.
I cant find anything she "cant" learn. she understands more then most people would expect a dog to comprehend.

and also she has matured into a decent looker these past couple years.... her muscle tone is nice and thick and I have learned how to get her to pose without the "crappy" posture lol... but.. she still has her floppy bunny ears <3

this story is for any puppy out there who is an "ugly duckling"....

but really, when it comes to this breed...
anyone experienced would know looks mean.... NOTHING! :)

I would pick a floppy ear'd white dog over a beautiful dumb dog anyday :)


Nicke 11-13-2011 07:58 AM

Nice story! thanks for sharing :)

koeJ007 11-13-2011 02:35 PM

I must agree. I have found that what some dogs lack in looks, they make up with heart!
Nice pic too! You must be so proud of her, you are really blessed to have what most dog owners only dream of- a dog that would stretch all limits to please their owners.

You go girl!!!!!!

PerfectPit 11-20-2011 04:21 AM

We adopted Tazettelee because Poopers (Lab) had separation anxiety and was licking his legs raw. I was told she was a Lab. Her and her sister were found tied to a fence post and left to die. She was tri colored and so spunky. I knew right off she would be great for Poopers. When I put her in the car and drove home she sat on my shoulder. I felt guilty leaving her sister behind so I called the next day to adopt her sister but was told someone came in behind us and adopted her. When I came home I told my husband she was mine. We found out she wasn't a Lab; she was an Australian Shepherd. Even though I worked with her on walking and learning commands she chose my husband. She followed him everywhere, slept on his chest and kept Poopers company and his legs healed. He lived 3 more years without any more issues. She was his healer.

Tazettelee was my husbands "road dog." Everywhere he went she went with him. She never left his side. My husband had to leave for 1 mth to care for his grandparents. She had to stay with me and was so sad. When I went to pick him up she went along. When he sat in the car she jumped inside his coat and wouldn't come out. She missed him so much.

People were amazed how welcoming she was. People who didn't like dogs allowed her to come in their houses and loved on her. After Poopers passing she then became "mom" to 3 more adopted dogs. She taught them the rules of the house. They knew she was queen bee and they respected her.

Two years ago we found out she had a tumor on her liver, she was 12 yrs old. Treatment was not an option, the vet said it was so large it would not save her. He wanted to pts, we said no. We asked for pain management. She belongs home with us in the comfort of her own home. Tazettelee passed a week later with all of us at her side. Fat Boy was even with us and he yowled when she passed. Our hearts were broken but we also knew she lived a full and good life. We are at peace with our decision and she will forever be in our hearts. Fat Boy will even go to her spot now and stare at the spot where she layed and wag his tail. I'll ask him if Tazettelee is messing with him and he will wag his tail faster. All of us were blessed when she came into our lives.

texasgame 11-20-2011 06:15 AM

I have a dog like this its a long story but i have nothin but time lol. excuse my typing and bad grammer. I have to give you some background for this story for it to make sense this was my 3rd dog to ever own although i cared for my frist two dogs they dident have as much bearing on my life as this one. I come from a big family with 8 other siblings 4 boys and 5 girls, me and my younger brother are the two youngest 3 of us boys are all a yr apart. My younger brother and i were adopted by our grandparents at the age of 10 months due to being very sick oh ya we were both born addicted to cocaine i was 3 mnths premature and he almost lost his life at birth due to being wraped in the embilical cord he had to have a blood transfusin to live but enough of that back to the story. We were raised by our grandparents hardly ever seeing our other family unless they were down on luck or i remember once when my dad we blew out of their trailer house and almost passed so they lived with is awhile. Me and my younger brother had a great childhood i couldent have asked for anything better this is when i got my first two dogs i got in trouble and had saturday school alot in middle school so i read alot of books over dogs and the training of them and got my first two gs and cho cathoula mix. when i was 12 my grandmother passed and a few short minths we were sent to live at cal farleys boys in texas 36 miles from amarillo. we knew of br because every labor day since we culd remember we went out there for their rodeo so we wernt upset and adjusted ok due to everything i guess, that is where i started my carrer riding bulls. I had very bad anger problems while i was out there cuz it was hard with all the other boys and teasing wich i wouldnt stand for so i fought alot lol and ended up talkin the ranch into letting me get a dog it was a blue heeler and border collie cross i got him from a houseparent there. i named him jake he was 3 when i got him and had never been messed with besides when they tried to start him to work cattle and their idea was tying him up in the gate so it dident work and he dident like bein tied up i dident know this and first day go to get him and walk him on a short leash and the **** sucker reached up and bit me on the arm it was more out of fear but i let him know real fast it wouldent work like that lol. me and that dog went everywhere he went to work with me to school to the dining hall if you saw that dog around or in a tree(seriously he would climb trees so the kids couldnt pet him he was scary like that) i was somewhere around close. I ended up getting hooked up with a bordercollie breeder and trainer who worked out there and rode bulls how convient right!! well he ended up takin me under his wing and teaching me with this little dog and he picked up fast and soon became my right hand i dident need help to move stock nymore i jus had to open gates i could even sort with him it was awesome. when i left the ranch after i graduted i went to a college here on a full rodeo scholarship and my dog went with me, mind you i couldnt tie this dog up and he would jjump out of anything if i wasent around so i got in quite a bit of trouble for him bein at the dorms in the back of my pickup or under it if it was hot. i also forgot to add eariler in this story he was scared to death of thunder and lighting. well i got into going to the bar wich was bad with friends and had to tie my dog up to a chain by his dog house at the rodeo grounds wich was jus a 100 yards from campus and one night it rained hard i wasent in town and had noone over there who could get my dog so the next day i went down and his dog house was in water and i couldnt see him so i let out a whistle and no jake i started to panic and ran down there and saw the chain up in the tree well when i saw this my heart dropped i feared the worst my dog had hung and it was my fault, well i looked up and there was jake sittin up there waggin his tail so i took the chain off him and he jumped into my arms and i cried like i was a baby my dog was ok. well tht day i vowed to never chain jake again im not against using chains on dogs but mind you this guy was harry freakin houdini lol. well so next time comes around to go to the bar and i go and whadya know it storms jake was in a horse trailer enclosed excpt the back. well the next day when i get back o go to check on jake and see how the storm treated him and he was gone i spent the next 4 weeks searching every day for my dog i almost flunked out i never found that dog but i will never forget the imprint his paw left on my heart. He was a great friend to a troubled youth who showed me to be paitent with everybody he helped me through some of the toughtest times in my life and i will forever be grateful for the path i walked with that **** good little cowdog named jake. shure miss ya bud and i hope wherever you are lifes treatin you well. and guys i know this was wrong and i know i made a bunch of mistakes and loosing this dog coulda been prevented i was young and stupid and trust me i pay for it everyday when i dnt see jake in the yard so please dont be to harsh on me. I have a lot of good s tories about this dog and our escapades including skunks, getting knocked further by a deer than any bull ever and many more but ive rambled enough hope you enjoy the story if it makes sense im not goin over it lol.

MamaTank 11-20-2011 09:42 AM

For me, it was Neo.

He came to us as an abandoned 9 year old. He was heart worm positive, and also had heart disease. He was so sick, our vet gave him less than 3 months to live. He gave us 8 months to cherish him. He was our first rescue. We had him from January 9th, 2009- September 19th 2009. We eventually had to have him PTS because of his pain. After all of that, we fostered 15 over a year, then we adopted Keira, then Caesar. Oh, and we adopted our cats. All 3 of them. :)
Neo was our inspiration. :) Because of him, we wanted to rescue.

MaxSBT 11-20-2011 11:32 AM

Mine has to be "Zac" our little Staffy Bull, everthing you could ever want in a bull breed (or any dog really)

He grew up with our kids and was typically very devoted to us all, unconditionally loving, gentle, loyal, yada yada the list goes on ..

He was however VERY DA! following a "ruffin up" by some idiots uncontrolled dog off the lead, it was like a switch had been thrown inside him that day :(, and from that breif moment on for the rest of his life, the mere site of another dog even from a distance would launch him into full on attack mode, that wouldnt ease up untill a while after he could no longer see/hear them !! despite this, he will always be my favourate, and I will never get over losing him I dont think :(

RIP boy.

koeJ007 11-20-2011 02:00 PM

To Perfect Pit

I am sorry for your loss. There's nothing better in life than a companion that outshines all companions- and Tazettelee sounds like just that! A companion par excellence! You have so many wonderful memories and many years of fun to reflect on; thank you for sharing some of them.
As her owner, guardian and friend I agree that you made the best decision for her. No one knows their dog better than those who care the most for her.
We add Tazettelee to our list and hold her in our hearts...

RIP Tazettelee

koeJ007 11-20-2011 02:15 PM

To Texasgame

No judgement here! I lost both my dogs because of the mistake I made. I only spoke of Max, but I also lost my female husky on the same day a couple of hours later. They died because I gave them mouldy food and didn't notice until I reached the bottom of the bag (I kept the food in the garage and never thought to turn on the light), by the time I noticed it was too late!
I am deeply sorry for your loss, and understand the burden you carry- but dogs don't hold a grudge. I believe that we will see them one day and on that day it will be like he never left! We can just move on and kept that special place in our heart just for them. Your story made me cry and I realise how time doesn't always heal some wounds. But at the same time let's remember to live out the lessons they taught us, and keep those good times with us forever.

RIP Jake

koeJ007 11-20-2011 02:23 PM

To Mamatank

Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are such an inspiration to the rest of us. For those out there who believe that a dog is only worth what you can get out of them- read this and learn a lesson or two! Our greatest achievements are not what we can get from others, but what we can do for others!


koeJ007 11-20-2011 02:50 PM


In the words of Johnny from Rocky 4: "I raised him from a kid. When he died, a part od me died." You don't have to get over losing him, dude. It is what it is, and a great dog remains a great dog even as the days, weeks, months and years go on.
Those that are irreplaceable remain irreplaceable- all one can do is keep his spirit alive.


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