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Misstaken 10-04-2019 09:57 AM

First time Pitbull owner
My family and I reside in upstate New York about 35 minutes east of Syracuse. We unexpectedly became purebred American pitbull owners. It's a long story that I may share another time but I am happy I found this forum and will be frequenting it alot from here on out. We decided to name him Orion. He is grey and white. He is 7 weeks old. When I bred Brittanys I didn't let them go to their new homes until 9 weeks because the last couple weeks with litter mates is crucial so any tips on raising a 7 week old puppy and teaching him good pack habits are welcome! Just shoot me a message. Thanks! I've been up all night researching the breed because all I really knew about them was they're great with kids and people boar hunt with them. So pardon my ignorance if it shows in any posts. 😁

Borre97 10-04-2019 01:47 PM

Hi Misstaken! welcome to the forum! :cheers: you will find a lot of information over here! the search feature does work very well! ha ha ha I have used it A LOT!! and don't be afraid to ask! here are some folks that can help with their experience and knowledge!

And as you said, this type of breed are really great with kids! actually I uploaded a couple of pictures of my baby with my dog, if you have time look for them :) BTW, Do you have pictures of your dog that you can upload?

jttar 10-04-2019 05:54 PM

Hello Misstaken and welcome to the forum. As Borre97 mentioned, we love pictures here and look forward to seeing some of Orion. If you need any help you have only to ask. I wish you and Orion many happy years together.


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