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william williamson 12-09-2010 06:53 AM

Buck and the Bobcat
them rural dade co. boys had some good blooded dogs.some of the best breeding and work dogs runnin the fields.it was one chilly s.fl evening and the neighbor down the block pulled up to big Marges house.he'd taken A shine to her 2 sons.he knew A little of their dad,from the airboat assn. on the trail.he was A good man,and would have been a good father but big Marge was an ornery independant woman.so she forbid Big Bill from seein the boys.
well he asked marge could he take her 2 clicker boys to the hunt spot.(the clicker boys is what they called me and my brother because our braces clicked as the stirrup bolts touched when we walked)Marge always said yes.
well on this night it was special.they'd been schooled for several weeks by an old he coon.he'd been out dancin the dogs and they had set their minds to gettin theold boy.
they'd gone and made the fire,set down the coolers and rounded up the logs and typical camp seats.tey sat around and BS'ed for A spell,and as if on cue,they just got up and went to the trucks.Bill didn't know it then but he was later told that it was the old bitc h hound blossom.she'd been in the cab of grandaddys truck.he put her out to p. and lay around relaxin.them boys set around watchin her sluff.it was a subtle whine she let out,she'd jumped up as fast as she could,and it were'nt all to fast.she walked to the dirt rd,sniffed the air one way,turned and sniffed the other.then turned back and just went into dog trot up the road.grandaddy pulled next to her slung the door open and told her to bail up.we followed them down through the orange grove,A turnin here and there.then grandaddy stopped and the other fellers pulled up.they put about 6 dogs down and they lit out with the usual barkin.
we went back to the fire and sat around.they drank beer,p'd on the fire and joked about the smell.it was funny.well it seemed like it was about 2 hrs and the dogs started to bay,them men were talkin about which dog was leadin and dang this and dang that,well I didn't know then what happened but evryone ran for the trucks.
it seemed that the dogs jumped scent.and them boys was scared.they said it was A bobcat they was on.well,they was right,they lit out,onea them boys didn't raise his gate and his dogbox flung across the lot.
we spun tires through the grove,we turned so much the we slid across that bench seat like it were A waterslide.
we was the second to last truck to the canal.it was A wide canal and in the middle of that canal was that 'ol bobcat.he looked like he was perched on top of A coconut.but it were'n no cconut it was grandaddys prze dg Buck.Buck was the top breeder and everyone who had A blooded walker female came to grandaddy to see if their dogs blood would nick with his dogBuck.
well,grandaddy grabbed his .22 rifle,as we didn't ever bring much more.he was 'bout cryin,he flung that rifledown and dove his old self into the water.he got to that dog and bobcat.he grabbed that bobcat wit one hand,dog in the other.the dog bit him and that bobcat went to work with his razorblades.grandaddy finally slung the cat away,by that time someone had grabbed up the rifle,pap,pap-pap.that cat was done.the old dog swam to shore,he were tore up pretty good,and grand daddy well,he was A codger.this was when I learned of A mans love for his dog,all the boys ran to help the old man,and as I stood there then,now it comes back, the eloquence of A redneck.them fellers wanted to help grandad and he cussed them high and wide,don't worry about me,but your arms all tore up,boy I'll switch you bad.I got 2 arms and one Buck.I'd settle for one arm and one Buck.
well,we got home,and it was about 2 months later,the neighbor pulled up and asked momma i he could take the clickers huntin,that we had A date with an old he coon.
Juan,was as mesmerized with that story and he knew they would be also.

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