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william williamson 12-09-2010 07:05 AM

the clicker boy
well,one day he decided to have his fun.he was about 10 at this time,and was getting stitches in his chin again.he was jumpin ramps on bicycles with some of the kids from around the way.they didn't like him much.they were always envious of his freedom to range far and wide on his bicycle.by now he'd been allowed to spend his first night alone on the levee across from Betty and Johnnies tavern.it was A real,reals small pool hall and sometimes honky tonk.one of the last real of it's kind in the general miami area.
well the kids from 'round the way had set up A 2 board ramp.it was 4 blocks high and none of them would jump it.is seemed like they were gonna just stare at it all day long.well,that clicker boy had come fro the 7-11 where he'd gone to spend his own money.he wasn't kept like the other kids in the neighborhood.he'd always mowed grass and edged sidewalks,pulled weeds and sold snakes,worked for the roofer who was also the drunk gator trapper.
so when that boy wanted ice cream you never heard him holler to mom or dad when the ice cream truck was coming.he was rather bragadoscious with his behavior when he was around the other parents.A few times as if they'd felt sorry for him or his brother the other kids parents would as them if they'd like something.well,he would puff up all big,no sir I've got about 4 jobs and make about 75.00 A week.(this was back when grown folks would work A job ad make 150-200.00 A week,sometimes we'd make well over A hundred)it seems wrong but when your the underdog you gotta bring yourself up.
so back to the ramp.that clicker boy,before them others knew what happened had rode real fast and jumped the ramp and settled dow to earth and laid the longest skid on the block.he reached into his pocket and took out A cherry jolly rancher and snapped it in half and put one end in his mouth and theother back into his pocket.
onea them boys was about 13,and he was A spiteful mean cuss.he said to the clicker boy,"betcha can't do that again".
well tat clicker boy never turned own A challenge.he turned around,and rode to the corner knowin he could ace it again.well he got his speed up,lined up on the ramp,he felt as good then as he did the first time.well the cuss kicked the second 8' long piece of plywood off the 4 blocks,he hit them bricks,flew over the handlebars and busted his face on the concrete lightpole.he bled all over.he knew then on the spot what he was gonna do to them boys.
when he went to Mr. Gibbys drs. office,his mom had his bicycle in the trunk.she had to go to work and couldn't stay at the drs. office. she would go in and see the doc then leave for work.he would ride his bike home with 8 stitches in his chin.
while he was there he was gonna get one of them needles they used for stitches.and he did.he got A few of them.he went homewith A plan.

them clicker boys were something else.bein raised in the home they were, with all the terrible things going on they'd developed fearless attitudes.they swam in the lakes even when they could see the alligators.
when they wentout t the trail to catch snakes they'd even slept behind the guard rail on the first levee runnin north off 8th st.
then when they'd wake up they'd ride to dade corners and get A pint of milk and A bag of powdered donuts.it was always early,like dawn light.
then they'd go across the street to the old floating dock,bait and tackle.they were friends with the owner,everyone just called 'im old man.well back then we had otters on many bodies of water.and at the bait shop their were 2 otters (sometimes they had kits)and them otters knew them boys.they would swim with them all the time.well,they'd see them boys comin.why them boys had to sneak up to the shop cause one time the otters seen them and started across the trail.them boys didn't want them t get flattened.so them otters and the clicker boys would sit at the back of the dock an eat donuts.when they got to the last donut was when the real fun would begin.the boys would dust up some of the donut in the water and the bream would go into A frenzy.By God,the coolest thing happened the first time they'd done it them otters would take turns lunging into the water and coming up with A fish.the best time was when the female caught A big shellcracker and she came straight out of the water and gave them boys A fish.they were family.
so,the boys,when they got done foolin with their kin they took off walkin.they would then go up the canal,the road lined with australian pines behind the guard rail.well,they would walk about A half A mile,along the way they would tap the guard rail A few times with A stick,then bend down and listen.what they were listenin for was a buzz.the tappin would aggravate the pygmy rattle snakes.them critters would slither up A weed and lay in the belly of the guard rail warmed by the sun.the sun was what would get the motor runnin on the reptiles.it was their mornin cup of coffee as the old rednecks would say 'bout that.well,as would always be the case they could catch as many as 10 of the mornins.which at the Serp they would get as much as 3-5.00 apiece.
the as they'd walk back to the bait shop they would climb the trees,then they'd take A twizzle stick,thats what they'd call A stick,thin usually an end of A limb about 18" long.what you do then is twirl it down into the knot holes.and be careful,cause if mr. snake is home he's gonna come see who's knockin on his door.and sometimes he would try to get away.you had to be careful,cause some of them tree's is big,tall and hard to hang onto.when that snake came out,no matter how long you been A catchin them they'd surprise ya.holdin on with one hand,grabbin that snake with the other,and not fallin was sometimes tough.most times if it was A yellow rat and you were gonna get bit. and the bigger the snake the more times he would bite you.red rats would strike but not hold on to the grab.now A black racer them suckers,by golly if they were venomous they'd be the deadliest snakes in the country. cause them bad boys'll chase you,I sure do know that for A fact.
So this day,it was A saturday and he had only one thing.no spendin friday night on the levee,no donuts,no sayin hey to the otters,nuthin.he wished he could ride out to the loop and catch A diamondback but it would take 2 days to do that.so he went walking the silver rail along 8th street.he would tap and listen.but it wasn't just any buzz he was lookin for. he wanted A big fat pygmy.it took him well into late mornin and he found him.it weren't the biggest he'd ever caught but it'd have to do.so he rounded him up threw him into A pillow case and headed home.
when he got their he went to his snake shed.he had A bench in their where he worked on his fishing tackle and lawn equiptment.he got some of mommas dish towels, some masking tape and newspaper rubberbands.he bound up the snakes mouth with the rubberband.then rolled him up in the dish towel,took A piece of coat hanger they used for miniature hawaiian slings(aother story)and then taped him to the coat hanger so he couldn't squirm.he then took that hook suture needle and some dental floss.he took the hook and pulled it through the snakes perimeter muscle,which acts as lips.he sutured the snake on both sides of his mouth so he couldn't ease ou A fang.
so,when he got done he got that snake loose and got on his bicycle and rode to the powerlines on 107 ave.which was where alotsa kids played baseball and football.on this day them kids was there,they were in between the games just sittin around.with out A word he rode up to that mean cuss of A kid.he threw that rattleskake in his lap,that snake pecked at him 3 or 4 times and that kid thought he'd been bitten.he screamed and cried like A girl.
it felt good to get even.yet he knew it would come at A price.
his mom would be told,then his stepfather.and his stepfather would lavish the idea of actually having such A good reason to beat the clicker.why,he'd probably beat him 3 times over throughout the night for this one.
it would be worth it,cause them kids had aother reason to be scared of him.
their was so much wrong with all this,yet it seemed so right.
Juan looked around at them boys and they just had A blank look on their face.
they'd come to hear stories of big Marges son.he was known to be A brutal and viscious sorta guy.they'd sensed that in his quietness when they met him in miami.they knew that A monster brooded inside him.they knew the measure of their meanness,and they now knew why they always had that uneasy feeling about the Kid.they realized then that to him business was bussiness and life meant little. he should not have lived beyond his childhood,he did,and society was the recipient of his behavior.and to him it wa A sport,he'd learned young to survive.and to win.he was groomed to be what he was.

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