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william williamson 01-01-2011 07:26 PM

STFU and git 'n the house
now,I could write a book, several, each to every realm of my life.
my lineman days were near and dear to me.I'll update the thread every once inawhile so as to not burn up bandwidth for individual threads,hopefully,as I add I can add part 2 part 3 etc. to the title to notify additions.

we was in miami springs,upper middle class,which to me means they could be snooty about themselves but didn't have the jingle to be more than above average loud frickin mouths.
so we're in this easement,it was a hot ju-ly day in S.Fl. and we were goin through alot of trees.which means you sometimes got to get up in the tree and pass the rope,the jig that traced the cable out,and the lasher that wound the cable to the strand cable.
we're cattin along,I'm in the trees,I usually did most of the paticlars when it came to being expeditious in the job.I was raised up old rough.A professional tree climber as a kid.well, I'm passin the rope and jig,my guys jumped the fence into another yard to continue on.
it ain't 30 seconds and we hear this screech,"WHAT THE HE!! ARE YOU DOIN IN MY YARD"?and this haggidy woman comes waddlin hersef out to where we're at.onea my guys says "mam,we're runnin cable TV".and she commences to give us what for,and where we could stuff our "CABLE TV".now,ya gotta remember,this is the late 70's and early 80's.cable TV was to some skeptical in it's abilities.
'bout this time I hear a gruff gravely voice,"'He!!'s goin on here? it was her husband,so my guys are explainin to him what cable was,HBO MTV,news networks,ESPN,when they said ESPN well jiminy slick's ears perked up,I'd not said nuthin up to this point,and by the looks of his wife,I says ta masef,time to shoot the barb.
I holler out,"don't forget playboy channel,hey grunt(the groundmans line name)go around and get their adress,they ain't gettin no cable,toss our stuff over the fence and lets get back to work".
for all I'm worth,it took every fiber of my being to not fall out of that tree.
Slick spins around on A dime like a balerina doin a pirouette,he looks down at his wife and Bellows,"STFU and get your GD as$ back inta the house and don't show your face to these boys again".
he comes over and literally is lookin for me up in the tree,
and he says, "please sir,(it sounded like mark lester in the movie oliver)could you spare me?I busted out laughin.I jumped out of the tree and told him he orta be glad I was A nice guy that drank budweiser cause it irked me when folk held up my job.
truth be known,I couldn't do diddley squat about him not gettin cable,but I always got A kick out of playin like I had all that power.
we got that cable pulled out to the end of the run,had set up the lasher and were on our way back.we got to slicks yard,his wife was A settin there,kinda gruff yet playfully bashful,and he to were there.she got up and like a waitress asked us to set to lunch with them.
they'd apparently gotten some sub rolls and cold cuts,annndd some buds.
she made us sandwiches,I playfully asked her if she'd spit on our sndwiches,she looked me to my face, and says "yeah, yours" and then she busted out with A giggle.
we spent an hour with them.it turned out she had A quick way yet was A witty lady.I told them I couldn't keep them from getting service, that i just gagged folks who got lippy.
all in all it turned out to be a good day.we still booked 4200 ft. of cable that day,at .12 cents A FT. of which I got 40% as foreman.not a bad days pay for 1980.

apbtmom76 01-02-2011 07:07 PM

hahaha good story WW :D

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