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william williamson 10-21-2011 12:45 AM

Momma and the whuppin
4th grade,mr Hudson was the principal at tropical elementary.he called my mom at about 9:30 am.said he was going to paddle me.momma says oh no you won't.
we lived 8 min. walking from school.she was there in that big old hot rod pontiac.I could hear that thing countin cylinders as she came up the block.
heard the tires asquealin as she pulled in and dumped the clutch high up onto first gear.that big block let out A wheeze.
she came into his office,her hair bobby-pinned up,her housecoat over her moo-moo.my momma was hot when she was young,she didn't pile up the make -up and such,never wore a bra,that principal liked what he saw.for A moment anyways.
she asked him what for was I gonna get whupped.and he told her fightin.
well,without missin A beat,she snatched my wrist,up straight outta that chair I came,she had that horsewhip my stepfather left to the house for whuppin us with,and the principal didn't see it.
I let out A scream,didn't cry,you cry you got 20 licks with the whip.10 was the standard.
that principal started hollerin too.momma looked at him and that settled his hash.she might have been hot,but for all that beauty she was the cougar of the other type.momma was mean,she could fistfight with men,and win.seen her rout 2 buggers at the airboat assicoation one weekend.
well,she laid me out with that whip.looked 'ol Mr Hudson in the eye and said to me,"won't be havin no more sh!t from you will they Bill"?
I didn't say a word.
their was one hilight to this,when momma left from out'n that parkin lot,she turned that 421 tri power aloose,when we got out of school,by that time of day,my whuppin was known about,and that I didn't cry,when I showed the fellers the welts on the backs of my legs,they knew I was A knot.
so we run as fast as we can to the street,and momma had left from the parking lot,sideways,to the street and fishtailed that big motor and rowed through 3rd gear smokin the tires all the way up the block.
we measured off 270 steps of tire marks.
that was my favorite whuppin,I never did fight in school no more,but I sure did fight on the way home.

cEElint 10-21-2011 12:46 AM

bahhahaha.. welcome back!

ames 10-21-2011 01:13 AM

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WOW, thank goodness she isn't having kids now or she would be locked up in a quick second, lol. And all the kids will be fighting

bahamutt99 10-21-2011 05:00 AM

I was expecting the punchline to be that you scrapped again just so she'd roll back up in the badass car.

william williamson 10-24-2011 01:50 AM


Originally Posted by bahamutt99 (Post 489220)
I was expecting the punchline to be that you scrapped again just so she'd roll back up in the badass car.

oh bahama it's seems just like you might know my mama and how she was and the way I was about her too because it would be worth a whuppin just have her drive by in that hot rod.

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