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Blue -  5yrs Spring 2006

Blue - 5yrs Spring 2006

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R.I.P Blue - Blue lost his battle to Cushing's Disease on Sept 9th, 2011 @ 1:30 AM. A great example of what we know pitbulls to be when loved, cared for, and trained. Loving, loyal, obediant, great with kids, protective of his family yet gentle with guests. He had the best tempermant one could ask for in a dog. He knew instinctivley what to do and what not to do. Blue loved to be around family, give paw shakes, and kiss when asked to by giving chin nibbles (he wasn't a licker - too manly for that), chase cats & even birds (though we never encouraged this...what can say..he's a dog's dog), fetch, and play rough (yet impressive bite pressure control). Just a gentle beast! He came into my life when he was approx age 5 in 2006. I was in need of protection due to a home invasion. Blue somehow knew that I was or had been in danger. We had such a special bond. He obeyed me and stood by my side from the moment I met him. He also helped raise my younger pit, Mocha now 3 years old). Though his presence is still felt by family, he is very missed to say the least. To anyone who's experienced the lost of a pet...may we all find comfort in knowing they're in a better place and no longer in pain.

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