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Conversation Between wild_deuce03 and Aireal
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  1. Aireal
    01-23-2011 06:57 AM - permalink
    i agree, i mean any of those guys that took a look at my crew without knowing me would prob think i didn't need to own the breed either but the fact is if everyone listened to them pretty much our breed would/should die out since almost nobody is worthy of them, i dunno. i get the who she had a pit before but that one came to her aggressive both da and ha can you truly blame her for wanting another because she was attached to her but trying from a puppy. not everyone knows it not just how you raise them it is genetic. not untill they are told, so instead of teaching the chick just trying to make her feel like crap is completly pointless and totally not what this site is ment for!!!!
  2. wild_deuce03
    01-23-2011 06:48 AM - permalink
    That's my thing, I hope the person sticks around too. I could have easily gotten chased off with a couple of my first threads. I was naive. But I stuck around and have learned a whole lot. I just don't see the point in telling people, " Yer dumb and you shouldn't have this breed". That may be the case but how about helping the person out. It's not like you are gonna make the person get rid of the dog by calling them an idiot!
  3. Aireal
    01-23-2011 06:45 AM - permalink
    oh yay i saw it i dunno padlock well that was just him being him but i totally didn't expect holly to step in like that anyway i hope the chick learns and doesn't just get chased off
  4. wild_deuce03
    01-23-2011 06:41 AM - permalink
    HA HA!!!! I got my first thread closed! I have officially arrived! Read the last post! Classic ending to a thread! LMAO!!!!
  5. Aireal
    01-23-2011 06:39 AM - permalink
    agressive puppy thread got closed down, got to say i agree with you, while i may not think the girl should own the dog she did seem willing to try to learn near the end and i respect her for calming down and trying to learn, to bash her made no since what so ever. anyway just fyi i agree
  6. wild_deuce03
    09-10-2010 07:24 PM - permalink
    LOL!!! OK, thanks for the link.
  7. Aireal
    09-10-2010 07:21 PM - permalink
    here you go i got 2 since its cheaper that way

    Home :: Parting Device :: Nylon Parting Stick
  8. Aireal
    09-10-2010 07:20 PM - permalink
    grrr ok let me get it again sorry
  9. wild_deuce03
    09-10-2010 07:10 PM - permalink
    Ummm......there's no link. LOL!
  10. Aireal
    09-10-2010 07:03 PM - permalink
    hey here is a site to a decent breaking stick, i like mine gonna order like 10 more when i get my next check, anyway just FYI

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