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Conversation Between william williamson and Jaws101
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  1. Jaws101
    08-19-2012 07:55 PM - permalink
    "Whatever, God fucked you over, you should have been A blonde. You live up to their mantra well. Dumb as A box of rocks."
    Oh.. so now you stereo type people by hair color? I'm sure if there are blondes on this site that they would be unpleased to know that you stick to the unrealistic stereo typing based on hair.
    Woah so now you claim to be from the "dope trade"?? Either you don't mean it as you say and need to find a better choice of words. Or you just exposed yourself, which doesn't look to good on your part...
  2. Jaws101
    08-19-2012 07:49 PM - permalink
    "This is far from the walking you claimed. Now, which is true, this? Or your comment to me that says you walked her out and left her in the ring?"

    I never claimed I walked her?? Where are you getting this from? I ran her around the round pen and left her in it to walk herself. Which the first thing she did was roll. So she obviously was not worked as hard as she could have been. How hard is that to comprehend?? Honestly! Re-read.

    Also like I stated it was hot so she sweated, so did I. And she did foam underneath her flymask where it rubbed her face. Just because a horse gets sweaty after running around doesn't mean they were worked so hard they will keel over and die. Hell she would of gotten sweaty running around the pasture by herself, which she does do on her own.
  3. Jaws101
    08-19-2012 09:10 AM - permalink
    Then I have no reason to believe that you did work with high end blood. Sure you might of seen or petted back yard ponies. But actually working with a horse consists of feeding, cleaning stalls, grooming/bathing, watering, giving medical aid(including treating wounds and giving medicine), riding, and training. I did it all and still do it all.

    That whole second statement is wrong. I never said I rode her into the ground. I ran her around a round pen. There was no riding involved, it was basic round pen work. Yes I did leave her in the round pen, which can serve as a mini turn out ring since it is like a small arena. So no harm came to her from being left in a decent sized pen. Which a little while later like I stated I went back and gave her water after she had cooled her own self down. Like most all horse people know working a horse then allowing it to drink leads to colic and possible death. There is no need to pull over for me to catch up since I am already ahead on this.
  4. Jaws101
    08-19-2012 04:26 AM - permalink
    Ok then you should know that there are only 3 buckskin Saddlebreds currently registered/ in existence. And I worked with one of them. So yes he is worth a ton for his color. And that was when he was only a baby. Now he is 3 and will start showing which his price will sky rocket.

    Cutters aren't just QH's. They can be Appy's and Paints. Basically the stock breeds. And QH blood isn't that great, they are cross bred with TB's and Paints. There blood is no longer straight QH. Yes Tb's are one of the most popular only because of racing. Most of them aren't wanted once off the track.

    You say you worked with high end blood but that can mean nothing without proof. Working with blood and having lots of knowledge are two different things. It also depends on what you consider to be "working" with them.
  5. Jaws101
    08-19-2012 04:06 AM - permalink
    A race track is entirely different. Horses just run circles around a track. That's not real training. "Cutters" aren't a breed either. That is just a sport. I have worked with more then you have listed. Many which include working at a Saddlebred farm with horses worth 1 mill. just for there color, along with working with the beloved breed. Friesians.
  6. Jaws101
    08-19-2012 03:05 AM - permalink
    So now you claim I am intelligent and shallow huh? Coming from yourself who claims to be a redneck? I did nothing wrong to my horse, watch some videos on it. Horses are almost always worked into a full sweat before they do as they should. It's training. Horses are stubborn as hell but lazy, so they don't like to work and give in. I know my own horses limits and how hard to work her. So yes my knowledge is correct, I know more about horses then most will ever know. I did try to justify myself with my knowledge, because I know what the hell I'm doing. People just don't understand what they do not know.

    There should be no victims in general. No one should have a thread posted about them where they can not see it that allows others to sit there and complain or bash on them. I don't even know why it is even being allowed. It's wrong on so many levels. You say you have left forums because you were disgusted by them. Well how many do you think have felt the same way about this one?
  7. Jaws101
    08-19-2012 01:46 AM - permalink
    I'm already way ahead of you. I have screen shots saved up. But I won't attempt legal suits. No no, I have other plans. Sites get reputations form their members, so you know. As for saying to stop the horse whisper reference as I have said. There is no such thing, so basically you are making up a false term. Kind of like giving a pit a bad rep. Calling someone a horse whisperer also gives a bad image to the horse world. And Oh do tell? What would you call posting a thread specifically talking about another member? It's not going to be about compliments now is it. No, you will sit there and bash on people. But who knows how many other members have been victimized because they say things that you don't like. Honestly it shows what kind of a person you are if you have to make a thread to bash on someone. Makes you feel good inside doesn't it? It's not even a fair fight since I can't see nor comment on what is being said about me behind my back, making you that much lower.
  8. Jaws101
    08-19-2012 12:32 AM - permalink
    WOW! I'm glad to know that you guys sit there and talk shit about other members! I don't care if you're friendly or not! We are entitled to our own opinion but for people on a forum to sit there and talk some serious shit about other forum members really does show what kind of forum this is. That is utterly disgusting and should not be allowed on any forum. Nor have I ever seen it on any forum. It's nice to know you're such a dick, and that I seem to have ended up back in high school. Congratulations, you sit around on a forum and talk shit about members you know nothing about. That is a great life you have there. Must be real proud. I must ask you stop with this horse whisper nonsense. You can just as easily be given a nick name right back.
  9. william williamson
    08-18-2012 02:33 PM - permalink
    william williamson
    And that's just your young, fractured inexperienced opinion. See that post at the top of the page, in VP, that says "she's an idiot"? That's about you. I started it. Me and this gentleman Rodrigo were going 'round and 'round long before your horse whisperer (not) self showed up. I'm not some tree hugger scooby doo underoo wearing pablum dribbler like you, I've been up and down and all around and all through this life. I've done everything you've done to date by the time I was 12. And more than you'll ever do since. Don't poke the bear. I'm not gender friendly when folks come 'A scratchin, I'll hurt your feelings,,, with A fwickness.

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