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Addoravicious 08-11-2015 12:58 AM

My house is not a bathroom!
Little pup has been with us just over a week now. The first 3 days she sat by the door and whined if she had to potty. We took her out every time and she went to the bathroom pretty much every time. Well now she doesn't even ask to potty. She just goes where ever, when ever. The weird thing is she stares at you the whole time, and if you give a loud "NO!", "AHHH!", or clap, she doesn't stop....it doesn't even phase her, lIke nothing ever happened.. My collie/lab was about 90% potty trained in 2 weeks....and catching her in the act worked perfectly. We've deep cleaned the carpet every time it happened with pet odor remover and a carpet cleaner, so I know it's not a "this is my spot " type thing....it's also never the same spot twice.

ames 08-11-2015 02:23 AM

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how old is your dog? puppies cant hold that much in. I would bring my dog outside when he woke up, finished playing, basically moved or every half hour he was awake. If you are trying to solve the problem of how she can notify you, give her a bell to ring by the door Training Your Dog to Ring a Bell to Go Out to Potty If you dont want to do a bell, follow the same rules by having a designated spot you have her go to before she is allowed out.

Catching her in the act you should not scare her, she will get a complex about peeing and she will be afraid to ask you to go out because she thinks she will get a big noise that scares her. Just pick her up and bring her right outside and when she finished praise and love even a favorite toy or treat. Does that make sense? Not sure how big she is. Anytime your eyes are not on her 100% of the time she needs to be crated so you can monitor her bathroom breaks and don't give her a chance to go pee because you are always watching her close. Is she crated overnight and holds it ok? How does she do in it?

Addoravicious 08-12-2015 03:31 AM

We're not sure how old she is, we haven't taken her to the vet yet and she was a stray. She rarely goes to the bathroom, probably once every 6 or so hours. For the most part she's sleeping on the sofa or playing with our other dog. She is crated during the day while I'm at work and no accidents in a week. (4-8 hours depending on when my husband works). She also isn't crated at night. She will hop up on the bed and sleep next to me all night long. She is seriously a lump in my bed unless I push her over.
The problem is if I take her out she will only stand next to me and whine until we go back inside. Tonight she actually did all of her business outside, but she was alone for a while today as we had an emergency situation come up and we were gone almost all day.

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