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TheMagicalHindu 03-24-2017 12:52 PM

Potty Training Regression

So I have two pitbull puppies (who were liter-mates), around 4 monthes old now. I have had them for two months. They stay in the same crate (though I have two) and have never defecated in their crate; however they have the last 4 of 5 nights.

Last night I tried keeping them in separate crates so I could find out which one is defecating; but they whined the whole time until I let them get in the same crate together.

I have changed their environment (I moved to a new apartment); however they did not defecate the first couple nights (or every night) in the apartment but they did on night 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8.

Their schedule did not change. They still go out at the same time. And the apartment is in the same building so they are pooping in the same area/etc.

Should I just continue with the crate training process? Is it possible that one of them (Chaos, the brindle) just no longer likes having his brother (Bentley) around? Because even outside of the cage it seems as though Chaos is constantly starting fights with Bentley while Bentley seems to just want to sit around and chill.

Older pic, from the day I got them:

DynamicDuo 03-25-2017 08:06 AM

They are adorable! I have a Kaos too. :-) Anyway, I would separate them in two separate crates immediately. You have to be VERY careful with litter mates as they will bond to each other and not to you if not treated separate. My Kaos and Nala are litter mates and we have been fortunate to avoid all problems associated with litter mate syndrome but we worked hard at it. They pups are always crated separately (apart from the first few nights at home with us), at the beginning even in different rooms. We would feed them separate, take turns with different combinations of dogs (we have 3 total). My vet felt so strongly about litter mate syndrome and avoiding it that he wouldn't even see the pups at the say time during those early shot visits. He had a bad experience with litter mates previously and was worried when we adopted Kaos and Nala together. You can start with crating them separate but so they can see each other. That may help ease some of the inevitable crying for the first few nights but I would start sooner rather than later.

As for the poop problem, I would run them both to the vet to rule out illness first and foremost. Once they have a clean bill of health, it could be any number of things. It could be stress, an allergy, something they got into that they shouldn't have, etc...once you have them in separate crates it will be easier to figure out who is having the problem and why. Like I said in another post, I won't lie and say separating them is going to be easy. Those first few nights are going to be awful; however, you HAVE to stick with it. Giving in when they cry is only teaching them that crying and whining will get them their way and make it much harder for you in the long run. It should only take a few days and they will settle down but it is tough until they do but some rough nights now may save you years of difficulties and heartache down the road.

Good luck and keep us posted how they're doing!


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