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rgh718 04-19-2017 04:27 PM

Prey drive
My 3 year old pit is determined to fight our cat and now does a lot of barking at other dogs kids ect. I was sick for a few months but back on my feet now. I was using a prong collar and results were pretty good but with her not getting the exercise and guidance she needed she seems to have lost her way. I just purchased a e collar but don't know if that's the answer. I'm back to working her with the prong but its like starting over again. Is there a way to control her prey drive? Where her and the cat can coexists? Does anyone have experience with the e-collar and were the results better than the prong.

ThaLadyPit 04-19-2017 07:48 PM

Not necessarily control... the more appropriate term would be to manage her prey drive.

Does she have a good response to "Aaaatttttt" or "Leave It"? Or, whatever key word you've chosen to use when you don't want her to mess with something will do.

Combine that command with a slight correction, like removal from the situation, or redirection onto another object like a toy or chew or something.

I wouldn't personally use an E-Collar, try the old fashion way first. If that doesn't work, then put the pinch/prong collar on her and do the same thing with a leash attached, but make sure the pinch/prong collar is on her properly. It should sit high on her neck, pretty much right behind her ears and not slide down. When you issue a verbal correction, then give a quick, slight tug on the leash. Each time you give a correction, the force should be in progression if the previous correction provided no response/reaction from her. In other words, if the physical correction didn't phase her, make it a little more forceful until you get that "yipe" out of her letting you know you've really gotten her attention. You still want the verbal cue associated with the physical correction. Do not let her chase the cat!! Ever!! Also, when you leave the house and they're unattended, make sure your dog is crated, otherwise, you may come home to just a furball or two left, and I'd hate to have to read that as an update.

Glad you're feeling better and are feeling up to par now. I've been down for a couple months now too, and am just starting to feel normal again.

DynamicDuo 04-20-2017 08:18 PM

As ThaLadyPit explained, you can work to manage prey drive but you can't train it out or "control it". The truth is there is an excellent chance your dog and cat may not be able to peacefully co-exist without close supervision. Your pup may be able to manage her drive with the cat but you should never trust your pup around your cat.

I'm not real experienced with E-collars though I know hubs wants to try one with Kaos and I'm not having it. Hubs is a trained k9 trainer/handler for police/corrections dogs and has experience with them. My whole thing is, Kaos is going through a weird secondary fear stage at 10 mos. He has been doing well with his obedience but suddenly is terrified of corrections. The thing is, he responds amazing to me and has always responded well to positive reinforcement. He WANTS to make me happy and with a little guidance to show him what I want from him, he is usually pretty quick to pick it up after being rewarded for his behavior. Hubs is a little more old school and wants to try an e collar with a VERY small correction to see if that works better rather than a correction with a choke, which has caused him to just regress and be more fearful.

Hubs just can't take it that I'm really the Alpha in my house and the dogs listen and behave better for me than for him. Must be a male hormones thing, LOL. That and my Kaos is just a mama's boy. :roll:

Anyway, the moral of my long winded story is, I would work the old fashion way. I know it's like starting all over again, but it more or less is. If it worked the first time, it'll work the second time and should be faster than the first as well. Just my 2 cents!


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