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brit0992 09-07-2013 05:45 AM

Female pitbull having seizures.
Hello! I am new to this forum but we have 3 pitbulls. Our female Bella we adopted last fall from our local SPCA. She is a blue brindle bully. She is a year and a half years old and in June of this year she started having seizures. Her seizures last about 30 seconds and when she comes out of the seizure she gets very defensive for about 5-10 minutes after. So we have to leave the room with the other two dogs until she is finished. Then she is back to her sweet self. She has taken 7 seizures now since June. They aren't getting worse but closer together. We have had her to the vet twice now and they have ran numerous tests and tell us they don't know why she has seizures and to just leave her alone when she is having one. The test to see if she is epileptic is 3000.00. Anyone have any advice or had experiences with this ?? We are getting very frustrated with this considering she is only a year and a half old. Thanks so much!

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Sarah~ 09-07-2013 05:53 AM

My mix has had a seizure before but that was due to cleaning products I used to use in my house. She is probably confused and disoriented after the seizure so that's maybe why she's defensive. The fact they are getting closer together is not good, have the vets offered to put her on phebobarbitol or is that something they will only give after a positive epilepsy test?

brit0992 09-07-2013 06:31 AM

We understand she's scared after that's why she gets defensive. The only reason we worry is because we have a 3 month old daughter. But we are always sure to put her in her room with the door shut when she starts seizing. I think we are going to try a different vet. Ours has not offered us any medication. I am going to call Monday and see if she can get us a script for that medication. We have spent over 500.00 in tests and have gotten nothing out of it. So the least she could do is prescribe us that. I'm going to ask. Thanks for the reference for that medication !

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Sarah~ 09-07-2013 06:36 AM

You're welcome :) there are other anti-seizure medications but that is most commonly prescribed. I do think it's pretty odd they haven't offered any medication after 7 seizures, but it's possible they had a reason, so yeah, definitely ask. I hope things get better for you!

Sarah~ 09-07-2013 06:41 AM

I just realized I misspelled the name, it's phenobarbitol, sorry about that!

brit0992 09-07-2013 07:30 AM

Thank you !! I am going to call on Monday and see what they can do for us. Ill post after ! Hopefully we have better luck this time.

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luvourpittie 09-07-2013 11:50 AM

My brother has had dogs other than pits that had seizures and I never heard him say anything about testing to see if were epileptic. His dogs, dalmatians and English bulldog, were put on phenobarbital from the start. They just adjusted the dose from there.

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GoingPostal 09-07-2013 03:48 PM

I would also be looking for a new vet, now most are just going to say epilepsy as it's very difficult to tell what is causing seizures and put your dog on phenobarbital as it controls most of them. My male was having weird episodes that were believed to be seizures but phenobarb did not stop them and just made him goofy so we weaned him off but they do help many seizures dogs for awhile. Also sometimes seizures can be controlled with diet as well by feeding raw, getting carbs out of the system. I don't know if that's what did it for my boy or not but he has not had any more episodes since I switched him.

brit0992 09-07-2013 07:23 PM

Thanks, we are going to get her on that medication since a lot of people are saying its worked for them. I hear its fairly cheap too so that's a plus. We will be moving back to Las Vegas this month and we will be finding a new vet. I found one that sees a lot of dogs who have seizures. So hopefully with the new vet we will have better luck. As far as their food goes we have them on grain free Kirkland brand and they seem to do great on it. But I think I may talk to the vet and see if we should put her on something different incase she's allergic to something. We rarely give them table scraps and no raw meat at all.

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