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pitbullmamanatl 07-21-2010 08:35 AM

Buddy the Pit Bull Part 8
Thursday, July 15, 2010
Buddy Rose the Pit Bull Part VIII

Wednesday, June 16
I opened the bathroom door and out crawled Buddy Rose, his wagging tail happily thumping the door and the bathroom cabinets on his way out. As pitiful as his crawling was, I really believed he was a happy dog, even though he couldn't walk. After yesterday, without him happily crawling out of the bathroom, this morning I was very happy to see that black and white crawling body and wagging tail. As had become the usual, he and Mollie both wagged their tails and sniffed noses.

Mollie the Mini-Schnauzer had taken the three and a half hour ride with us yesterday to pick up Buddy. She loves to ride in the car. Once we got to the vet's office, we put her on her leash. I took her to "go potty" while the Colonel had gone in to the office to settle the bill and check Buddy Rose out of the vet clinic. Then, the Colonel and I swapped places. I left Mollie in the car with the Colonel and went in to get Buddy. Once Buddy was in his crate and we were on our way back home, Mollie sat in the Colonel's lap and just stared at me. Who knows what she was really thinking, but I think she was saying, "You know, we got rid of this big lug of a dog yesterday. Last night it was just me. I like being the Queen of Taj Mahal and getting all of the attention. What the heck is he doing back in the car with us?" She sat in disbelief just staring at me for a good part of the ride home.

Although Buddy's crawling was still the same, his black and white body is a little different. He has two large shaved patches on his back from spinal taps to gain fluid samples for testing. One shaved patch is on the back of his neck and the other is on his lower back, several inches above his tail. He looked kind of funny with these two evenly-sized shaved patches. The skin on his neck was kind of polka dotted with black spots. The shaved patch above his tail used to have two streaks of white fur. Now where those white streaks were, it looked as if someone had dripped white paint over his black skin. He also had a small shaved area on one of his front paws where an IV was used to sedate him for the spinal tap procedure.

The specialist vet had taken Buddy Rose off all of the antibiotics until some of the test results came back and he had a better sense of why he couldn't walk. Once again, we were waiting for a call to let us know the test results of blood work and spinal fluid. Buddy showed no ill effects from the anesthesia. He might have felt a little better, being back in familiar surroundings and no longer taking three different antibiotics in ten pills a day.

Sometime Wednesday afternoon the vet from Dublin called and said all of the results of Buddy's tests, blood and the spinal fluid, came back completely normal. This left only one test outstanding, the test for Myasthenia Gravis. The vet said he wanted to go ahead and start Buddy now on Myasthenia Gravis medication, even without the test results. To keep us from driving back to the Bay Area to pick up the medication, this vet would call our regular vet here in town and discuss Buddy and the test results. After discussing Buddy Rose with our local vet, he would fax prescription instructions and dosage information to him. We should be able to pick up Buddy's new prescription at our local vet sometime after twelve noon tomorrow.

Thursday at noon we called our local vet and left a message concerning the Myasthenia Gravis medication for Buddy that we were supposed to pick up. At three o'clock, we called our local vet back for the same. This time the vet tech answering the phone said, I talked to the vet and he said they (regular vet & special Internal Med Vet) had not reached a consensus on what to do for Buddy. We left a message for our regular vet to call us back. When our regular vet returned the call he explained they had decided not to put Buddy on any Myasthenia Gravis medication until the test results came back. We were a little confused but, hey, we've now spent a lot of money to get really good advice from both our vets. From my vantage point, it appeared the two vets really could not agree. One wanted to do one thing, and the other didn't. The Colonel didn't feel this way. The Colonel thought our regular vet simply had not read the fax sent by the special veterinarian. The next morning, we received a call from our regular vet. They were going to put Buddy Rose on 15 mg. daily of Prednisone and the prescription was ready. We could pick it up whenever we wanted.

Thursday afternoon we started Buddy on 15 mg. a day of Prednisone. Three little white pills of 5 mg. each, given once a day. We had asked one of the vets if we were going to see improvement, how quick would we see it? The vet had answered "two or three days." We watched and waited.

Our back storm door has a small pet door installed for Mollie and mean kitty, Lucky Charm, to come and go from the house to the patio as they please. This pet door opening is 11.5 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide. Because of his crawling, Buddy's head was at just the right height to stick his nose and head out. On a few occasions when me or the cat have been on the patio, this had happened and Buddy Rose had stuck his big head through the pet door. It was enough to make you laugh out loud to see this big black and white dog head sticking out of the little pet door. He didn't whine or bark, just stuck that big old head out through the opening and craned his neck to look around.

With the exception of the day Buddy cornered our cat on the front porch, we had done a good job of keeping the cat and Buddy separated. The cat was either locked in a bedroom, or on the patio when Buddy was in the living room. When Buddy was outside, in the garage or on the patio with me, the cat had free run of the house. On Saturday, Buddy was resting in the shade on the patio with me as I trimmed some of the flowers. The Colonel, Mollie and Lucky Charm were all in the house. I'm up on a ladder with my back turned to the door when, within a split second I heard Buddy crawling toward the pet door. I yelled, "Buddy." It as too late, the last thing I saw was Buddy's rear end and tail going through the pet door. As I jumped off the ladder, I knew Buddy was after the cat. As I came in the house, the Colonel was keeping Buddy back and closing the bedroom doors.

"Did you see that?" I asked.


"Buddy just came through the dog door," I answered.

"I thought you let him in," the Colonel said.

"Nope. I was up on the ladder. Buddy just came through the dog door."

"You're kidding, right? That door's not big enough for Buddy."

We both looked at the pet door, then at Buddy, now laying at the bedroom door wagging his tail and panting.

"No, I'm not kidding. I swear. I saw him. I didn't open the door. He let himself in."

We never dreamed 65 lb. Buddy Rose could fit anything but his head through our pet door. And, without being able to walk or jump, it almost seemed impossible. He did. He went through the pet door. I am not really sure how because all I saw was his rear end. Somehow he managed, like he always seemed to do. We would have to be more careful keeping Buddy and Lucky Charm separated. Even though the cat is the meanest and most evil kitty in the world. I really wouldn't want any harm to come to her. Well, maybe a little harm just to put her in her place. (That's really mean. I know, but this cat is REALLY mean.)

We weren't sure if Buddy's ability to navigate the pet door was an improvement or not. There had been two other occasions in the past four weeks when Buddy had performed extraordinary things when he had a cat as motivation. We wanted to see improvement, but were always scared to get our hopes up.

Sunday morning, I opened the bathroom door and out stumbled a very wobbly and uncoordinated Buddy Rose.

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