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    Hey GPB Finished the first 100% Ostrich collar.The one pictured is 2" wide,roller buckle,solid d ring and retainer.Fully lined on the inside with leather and hand stitched.$ 165.Many colors and sizes are available,just ask. Thank you, Henry
  2. General Discussion
    Hey GPB Just received the Hunter Green and Brown hide.Many more colors can be had,just ask or call.Used for collars-harness-ceel case-gun holsters-leash-truck/car handles-steering wheel-belts-buckles just to name a few. Thank you, Henry
  3. General Discussion
    Hello guys. I hope you don't mind a total newbie posting here but I am desperate for expert opinion. I have wanted an APBT all my life but have never lived in the proper area to take care of one. Now I have moved into the countryside (in Thailand actualy) I have plenty of space and beaches to...
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    could someone tell me what percent castillo this dog would be? here is the parents pedigree....thanks in advance FATHERS PED 'PR' CASTILLO'S RAGING BULL OF CALIF CH 'PR' CASTILLO'S MEJIA'S SAMPSON OF CA CH 'PR' CASTILLO'S SON OF SUNDANCE CH 'PR' CALIFORNIA SUNDANCER 'PR' HAZARD JOE RED...
  5. General Discussion
    and he and blanca have been going non stop all night. im so happy
  6. General Discussion
    hi guys, my fiancee doesnt have the time to take care of her 2 yr old Razors Edge...she has found a job at a hospital that requires her to work 12 hr shifts....her name is YDY BDY lmao @ name its prounounced Iddy Biddy.....she is great with kids and other animals.....if anyone could help me n my...
  7. General Discussion
    I want to find a good Kennels with Blue pitbulls 100% Razor's edge bloodline! Could anyone here please give me some advise. Thanks! Note: I don't live in US but oversea so any state can be fine.
  8. General Discussion
    this is to those who are haters and this is to those who boosted my kennel, first of all would like to say thank you. i have two new family members named blue cotton candy and titanium steel. one is blue brindle and one is brindle blue, and yes i know that really is much the same color but...
1-8 of 19 Results