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  1. Health & Nutrition
    You guys might really enjoy this. It's a list of the top 100 human foods dogs can and can't eat. It took forever to put together, but overall, I think it came out pretty good! Can Dogs Eat It Cookbook - Top 100 Human Foods For Dogs Thanks, Brian
  2. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I walk outside this morning and I am FREEEEEZING!!! It's a nice change and Kandi sure is enjoying it, but WOW was that a shock walking out the door this morning ;)
  3. General Discussion
    i need some reassurance that my dog is ok while im at work. he is in a 10x10x6 kennel with a cover and plenty of shade but every once in a while i will come home and he will have dug dirt into his water bowl so he cant drink it:hammer:. anyone else have this problem? he has been fine so far but...
  4. BSL Discussion
    I didnt ask for anything for Christmas besides the health and happiness of my dogs and myself in 2011. Contrairy to my wishes... Ive been given one of the greatest gifts someone like me (ie an advocate for Pit Bulls and "the opposition in Denver") could receive: A celebrity coming to Denver and...
  5. Obedience Training
    Maybe it's just me, but I can't find any URO2 videos on Youtube. 2 questions about rally though since I haven't hooked up with a local club, 1) is focused heeling necessary? I don't want to go in half donkey in the first place, but that is one of my personal short comings with the dogs (not with...
  6. Events, Results & Photos
    Anyone going?
  7. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir - Brock wins by TKO Thiago Alves vs Georges St. Pierre - GSP wins by sub Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping - Dan Henderson by TKO this is going to be the best UFC ever....cant freakin wait!!!
  8. General Discussion
  9. General Discussion
    Merry Christmas to her! News9.com - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports | Woman Cares for 100 Abandoned Dogs
  10. General Discussion
    Can You …… 1. Transport a dog? 2. Donate a dog bed or towels or other *bedding* type items?** 3. Donate MONEY? 4. Donate a Kong? A Nylabone? A Hercules? 5. Donate a crate? 6. Donate an x-pen or baby gates? 7. Donate a food dish or a stainless bucket for a crate? 8. Donate a leash...
  11. Positive Pitbull News
    Man sentenced to 100 years for drugs, dog fighting By JEFF REINITZ, Courier Staff Writer WATERLOO --- A man accused of selling crack cocaine and owning a fighting dog said he wants to help keep young people out of trouble. Convicted of possession of crack cocaine with intent to deliver and dog...
  12. Positive Pitbull News
    Mo. man gets 100 days for dog attacks 2007/1 1 hour, 34 minutes ago INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - A man was sentenced Wednesday to 100 days in jail for freeing a trio of pit bulls that mauled three men, reportedly to "see what kind of trouble he could cause." Smith, 34, of Independence, was also...
1-12 of 18 Results