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  1. General Discussion
    so ashley called me in to the room told me i might be interested in something. she said 1000 ways to die was doing something on a apbt attack so im like yah what ever ill check it. so i go in there and they're talking about this guy trying to steal a [] dog. im like ok i can see how this goes...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    Okay... for forever I have recited to HUNDREDS of people that it requires 4-6 GENERATIONS (not just breedings) of dogs produced by YOU and your yard... it has been a commonly thrown around here that it takes several several generations, but where did we get this information from, what is the...
  3. Pictures
    Well. i just drew this. I'll call it a horse hybrid. I don't know why i drew it but here it is :) P.S. I don't why i threw in the (1000 Gallops Over The Sea) thing lol
1-3 of 5 Results