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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Hello everyone, I'm little new to this site, but I'm trying to figure out if anyone else has issues with canine solar dermatitis with their pitties. Athena will break out in what looks like hives ( an vet says it's solar dermititis). They will disappear and then show up again even if I have...
  2. Adopt a Bulls
    Here's my boy Rocko. He's 11 months and is probably somewhere a little above 70 pounds, he was about 68lbs a month or two ago. Started him on a raw diet up until about 4 months ago, then made the switch to Taste of The Wild. Unfortunately I have to find him a home =( I got him when i moved out...
  3. Pictures
    From this 3.5months old: To this 11 months old 30lbs The flash makes her eyes so creepy! lol Hope you guys like! Ian
1-3 of 3 Results