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    Litterally I guess thats wht she is, she is highly inteligent and to produce her i went w/ terrier female to get more of that in the bully .... Her conformation is not too shabby,and her muscle should take after her Unkle Bruno.She is 3 generation after the breeding i did w/ her Gramma Oreo one...
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    Its been my goal from the start..... So basically if you have seen 1503s' CASINO we have the frame already...This pup and the entire litter has the poetential to be right there where I want it to be.He is the grand pup off Brunos full littermate sister,so its exactly like having Bruno bllod...
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    this is the momma shes 1503 too! another 1503 x 1503...... All I know is he has a huge dome been myod numerous times besides that his head shape is allright too! not all loose neo mastiff looking so from what I seen the pups look good, seen quite a few pups already to see that they should be...
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    you cant deny that this boy will be ripped and thick his mom after whelping still skinny but ripped.. __________________
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    8 week old female....2nd gebaration in..... thanks 4 looking..... Imexcited I have something off this girls sire bred to some tnt stuff and those will be the best of both worlds...
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    just got their crop done, this is what we are keeping one of these
  7. Pictures
    Here is my boy ,hopefully hes back home soon..... He is such a good dog w/ kids and people,,,loves to work and is my kind of bully... Ive posted his daughter on the slatmill running before "Coca on Slatmill wow" post..... yea his name is killer kinda when u name a big dog Tiny... dont go...
1-8 of 9 Results