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  1. Obedience Training
    Seams like just the SIT command is going to be a bit hard. He is a great pup. Still locating his owners. But he must have been a backyard dog. Because In, out, stay, sit, come, whatever you can think of. He is clueless. He looks about a year old and still intact. Till we find his owners...
  2. pitbull behavior
    My female pit is very hyper, she doesn't listen to command anymore. Is there a rebellious stage? I have a older pit we rescued that was full grown when we got him, and another puppy we got at 5 weeks. Ember has been hyper since we got her at 5weeks but not like this, it seems she has gotten...
  3. Pictures
    Just an update because i havent posted in a while. My lil girl is getting big! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  4. Health & Nutrition
    hello to whoever reads this, I just joined about 5 mins ago in search of any answers I may come across, google led to me to this forum... I stayed alone at home last night taking care our 2 dogs, we have a boxer named booger and our beloved pit, his name is bully. He cuddled up right next to me...
  5. General Discussion
    So my dog has been pooping in the house at night for some reason. If he is in his crate he does not do it. He has no health issues and is eating fine. I'm not sure why he is doing this. I let him out plenty during the day and before bed. My girl also say he does it during the day sometimes after...
  6. Pictures
    I havent posted in a long time so i thought id share this pic of Dozer, Currently he is 1yr 7mo. He is growing each month and turning out really nice!
  7. General Discussion
    Yup my black devil turns 1yr tomorrow. I am on my ipod or i would post the pics from mach0 thread on page 5. I will thawl out some extra beef hearts for him and ruby. I will stop off at party city and get some party hats Year goes by fast. End of april at the blossom show i was to meet dave and...
  8. Obedience Training
    Hey everyone, Over this break on Christmas my husband and i went to visit my parents as well as my sister and her 3 young kids (6,4 and 2). We brought our two young pits, Boss (1yr) and ( 6 months) Momo. Now i want to pause here, I'm asking for input and help, not to be flamed about how...
  9. Pictures
    Her name is Fiona she 10% Mastiff and 90%Pitbull......
  10. Pictures
    My Dog Tonka Just turned a year Sept.13th this picture was taken at 11 Months.
  11. Pictures
    Diesel is looking sick 1 yr 100lbs
  12. Health & Nutrition
    My brindle is almost one year old she goes about 40-45 pounds I was wondering what the avg. weight is. Also if she is under should i worry or not. I am feeding her natures recipie because she has very bad allergies and every other dog food makes her break out in hives. Is this a good dog food...
  13. Pictures
    Sarge is 1 now. He's 87lb, loyal, fun, my shadow, and a handful.:D
1-13 of 13 Results