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    We, a friend and I, attended the UNWPA's 2009 Snow Pull (first one held in Michigan!!). He pulled 444 pounds in 6.78 seconds which was 9.65% of his body weight which was 46 pounds for the pull under honorable judge Karyn Dawes. He took third place in his weight class with five dogs in it. Go...
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
    Went to the vet today. Garcia our three legged dog ( i posted pictures one time) well she has been sick. It was strange she had labored breathing and was very thirsty we actually thought she had a cold at first the vet put her on meds for 10day and she got better then about a week after that she...
  3. Events, Results & Photos
    We will be having a fun show Feb. 28. in Cartersville, Ga. you can visit our site and look on show & events page for directions. GEORGIA AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER ASSOCIATION we will be having fun classes for just about every color dog, will also have reg. classes, treadmill races for puppies...
  4. The Goldmine
    In 2009 we can't forget to monitor Dogsbiteorg! They have posted their goals for 2009 and their goals make it very obvious that the dogsbite.org site is up for one reason; the extermination of our beloved breed. Dogsbite.org has been discussed here many times but we can not let this site go...
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    David proposed to me tonight! It made me so happy....Sorry had to tell everyone my news!!! :woof:
  6. General Discussion
    Can someone tell me why they feel the need to put merle "APBT"s on the 2009 Browntrout APBT Calendar and the APBT Puppy Calendar?? :hammer:
  7. General Discussion
    Patcheeno , Steel and Apache Smootch, Boa Samurai and Sock-M sitting together ( Their puppy picts) http://www.petprints.com/pics/americanpitbull_large.jpg Boa (Black and white pup) http://www.browntrout.com/calendars/product.asp?MGID=-1&IID=9024 Samurai ( Chubby @ about 12 months old LOL...