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  1. General Discussion
    Dog Bite Fatalites 2010 Final Report Updated: I have updated this since it was originally written because I had neglected to tag the incident (#7) in Conyers, GA as a fatality and missed it when I went back through my reports. I have added the story to the overall report. ******* This...
  2. PitbullPositive
    A message to all members of Pit Bull Positive Since my return to work I have been working lots of hours and have not had much time to do the show or spend here on the site. Some things have been bothering me lately and I will be doing a special Saturday Night episode and will be...
  3. Pictures
    Hey all, here are some pics my cousin took and finally posted on facebook. Enjoy! Tha family:
  4. Pictures
    Czarclaus NO NOOO CRATE DAD! I'l sleep here and be good, but please NOO CRATE!!! ahhh couch is more comfy:)
  5. The Booth
    The Bully Booth Hosted by Bully the Kid 10pm EST/7pm PST The Booth is back after a week off the Kid is coming back with that FIRE!! We revisit the Vick issue and talk about an upcoming debate that BTK is going to participate in regarding Vick and his newly found success on and off...
  6. The Booth
    No Bully Booth tonight. BTK will be back next week.
  7. General Discussion
    Just got back im burnt as hell. Grace got best 6-12m female (there was only her :() then got best pup of show 2010 :D Pics will be coming soon, i just had to share :)
  8. Pictures
    Here's our 2010 SoCal Christmas video!
  9. The Booth
    The Bully Booth Hosted by Mr. Radio Bully the Kid 10pm EST/ 7pm PST If you thought last week was a BEAST show when Mr. Remy Line Fabian stepped into the BOOTH and set the walls on fire, then get ready for tonight's show! This week we bring another Legend into the building, WCBP's...
  10. The Booth
    The Bully Booth Hosted by that dude Bully the Kid 10pm EST/7pm PST radio » American Bully World TONIGHT IT GOES DOWN! One of the hottest shows to go down in 2010!!! We have HALL OF FAME coming through to talk about Denzel and what the win at the ABKC Nationals does...
  11. Pictures
    I've got a ton of shots to post. Here's a few shots of Earl that I DIDN'T take of him winning Puppy 6-9 months. I'll post a ton of shots later. Cheers, Earl with his 1st Place Blue Ribbon.
  12. Pictures
    Pictures from the ABKC show on Nov. 20th are up check them out let me know what you think. Link Bellow The Bully Palace - 209photo's Photos | SmugMug
  13. The Booth
    The Bully Booth Hosted by Bully the Kid 10pm EST/7pmPST www.blogtalkradio.com/bully-world-radio It's Tuesday so the Kid is back in the Booth and tonight we rip some from the headlines! We keep hearing about the complaint system in place for shows and we are going to talk to the people...
  14. The Booth
    The Booth and Back 2 the Bullies Hosted by Bully the Kid and Ms Chavez 10PM EST/9PM CST/7PM PST The Good the Bad and the Ugly about ABKC Nationals this past weekend! We go over what went right and what could have been better! The winners are stopping by to discuss their...
  15. Pictures
    Ronnie, Shana, and I had the pleasure of attending the ABKC Nationals Show on Saturday here in Atlanta and I must say it was an AWESOME experience. GP's own BullytheKid emceed the event and did a bangin job. I saw so many dogs of different sizes and each one had something about them I just...
1-15 of 75 Results