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  1. General Discussion
    My Wally had what appeared like a lump on his chest, I originally thought maybe it was his nipple just inflamed, it's gotten a little bigger and tonight I noticed a second one coming up where a nipple wouldn't be, about 2 inches to the up and right. He seems fine, I am going to make him an...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Xena had a small seizure 2- 3 weeks ago, that the vet thought was related to cleaning products I used in my house the day it happened. Basically she sat down hunched over and snapped her jaws like she was catching flies and drooled for about 15-30 seconds, then just sat and shook after it was...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi I am new to this forum and new to staffy's I adopted a male last july and he has been a great dog for me. I recently found another for adoption and concidering adopting her. I just read this stickie and has a lot of good points witch i have concidered... what one does the other might do...
  4. Events, Results & Photos
    It was a BLAST last year, If you are around come and check it out!
  5. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Anyone else here as outraged as I am with all the s*** thats going on? And how the president as well as the media exploit the children of sandy hook to push their agenda? They keep telling us its "for the kids". well how come they dont show us the statistics that violent crime as well as...
  6. Events, Results & Photos
    Splash Dogs - Nor Cal Boat, RV & Sport Show 2013 Registration This that time of the year again and the jumps are coming up real quick :woof: Is anyone planning on attending this one? I know Celeste will be out there with Dakota showing em how the high flying's done, and Dosia and I will be out...
  7. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED SUNDAY's S3Ep10 DO NOT READ!!!!!!!!!! OK SO I am PISSED they making Rick psycho. We knew Rick was crazy cause of the phone call in the beginning of the season, I had hoped it was a passing phase of crazy! UGH Rick also saying tyresse and his crew / along with...
  8. General Discussion
    First time posting and have read the sticky on the subject of bringing a 2nd dog into the house. Very good read by the way! I just wanted to state my case and hear some feedback on mine. My first dog is a Tyson, a American Bull Dog. This May he will be turning 7yrs. He is neutered. He is...
  9. Pictures
    I shot these yesterday before training. It was our 2nd Annual Working Pit Bull Central Christmas Photo Shoot! You can see more phtots here. WPBC Christmas Shoot. Fur Mommy approved ear crop!!!! We let a couple of Pointy Face Dog in on the fun.
  10. General Discussion
    hey guys I'm new in this forum I need help on deciding whether or not to get a second bully .. right now I have a 4 months old female bully ..
  11. General Discussion
    (PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DOGS MUST HAVE CRATES) We know you heard about this event last April for the first annual! We had an attendance of about 6,000 people who all enjoyed themselves. This year April 28th we expect it to be even greater with our huge staff to help with any questions or problem...
  12. Authorized Breeders
    I have a litter coming up very soon now! 5 of them are spoken for and any more than 5 I would like to find some fabulous homes for. Very much game bred.. To working homes only, that have the time and energy for a serious puppy! They are ADBA reg, and they will all be under contract only...
  13. Pictures
    He needs cardio. :woof: The video is 5 minutes, but Brock was having loads of fun.
  14. Pictures
    So Onyx turned 2 yesterday and he got some cake lol. Here he is enjoying his cake And this pic I just had to take- I'm sure he's not to ecstatic about this pic lol
  15. Events, Results & Photos
    2011 ADBA/ADBSI NATIONALS Saturday, October 01, 2011 Location: Johnson County Sheriff's Posse Arena The Lone Star State APBTC & Texas Heat APBTC join together to host the 2011 ADBA/ADBSI Nationals at the Johnson County Sheriff's Posse Arena in Cleburne, TX. This is one show split over two days...
1-16 of 45 Results