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  1. Events, Results & Photos
    SoCal APDR Oct 4th: Fontana, CA
  2. General Discussion
  3. Pictures
    Today May 13th my boy turned 4. Took a few pictures of him :) I did take a few pictures of Cali as well so i will add them :)
  4. Pictures
    Hope everyone is having a blessed day! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  5. Pictures
    From Odin, Banshee and I to all of u... have a very happy and safe holiday!!!
  6. Bullies 101
    Hope everybody has a great 4th !! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  7. Pictures
    Happy 4th of July to everyone at Gopit!!
  8. Pictures
    Kane and I are walking in the Lansing, MI 4th of July parade. Today I set out to find something festive that he could wear; I only found some 4th of July themed garland and a couple "flag bows" for him. (**The bare patch on his leg is from the IV from his heat stroke, btw.) I did the best I...
  9. General Discussion
    Most dogs hate fireworks. if you are anticipating a problem, right now is the time to contact your vet for meds.
  10. Events, Results & Photos
    There's going to be an UKC show in Greeneville,Tn on June 3,4, and 5th. June 3- (wheels) weigh-in is from 5-6 pm. pull starts at 6:30pm June 4- (rail) weigh-in is from 8:30-9:30 am. pull starts at 10am June 5- (rail) weigh-in is from 8:30-9:30 am. pull starts at 10am Tractor Supply, 1665 E...
  11. Events, Results & Photos
    Spayed and neutered dogs and rescues welcome! See flyer for all details (click link below). http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y15/simplypitbull/ADBAFunShow.jpg
  12. Pictures
    half the class the teacher was messing with the GSD in the class *rolls eyes* she was showing theowner how to give him the command and the damn thing BIT her... and continued after correction,.. so, it took half an hour of messing around, while everyone else just stood there. but there was a...
  13. General Discussion
    Some dogs just cant handle fireworks on the 4th, and no other holiday produces more runaways and strays than this weekend. theres still time to contact your vet for some meds that can help and theres a few over the counter calmers that work also. Be prepared and watch for signs of stress...
  14. Pictures
    So Four (4) years ago today, my special girl Penny was born, right here in my dining room as her sire, Phoenix looked on. She was the last pup born in the litter, we truely had no plans on keeping her, and then she got Parvo, she was crated and hooked to an I.V. for a week and got three shots a...
  15. Bloodline Discussion
    I just received my 4th Gen pedigree certificate and was wondering how do I tell what my pups bloodline is? Im mad I didnt get the analysis certificate. Guess I will have to do that now lol.. Thanks in advance
  16. Pictures
    I had the hardest time trying to figure out what kind of background I wanted for her pictures. Then my sister remembered this old bike for sale at the local hardware store. I think they turned out pretty cool. The little pip squeek didn't want to sit still but I got some good shots anyways...
  17. Pictures
    I was so proud of Ellis on the 4th. We took him to the parade and to the park square. He was so good. Everyone was comenting on how well behaved he was. Cant forget my other boy. He skipped the parade he's not a big fan of fire trucks or crowds.
  18. General Discussion
    I am so glad the 4th is over. It's no fun trying to comfort a dog who is so scared to death of fireworks that sound like Baghdad when the Marines went in. She was almost clawing at the walls to try and get away. Next year we are going away from the noisy city I think so that the dog does not...
  19. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    No one blow off any fingers with fire works!
1-20 of 26 Results