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  1. pitbull behavior
    My dog brandy is a little under 6 months old (8 days) and she shows a little bit of food and toy aggression but only with the dogs in my house so far not with people at all. it doesn't happen all the time but once in awhile she'll see her adopted sister with a toy she wants and get into fight...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    my staffy bull onyx is turnin 6mo in september. i kinda thought to give him something he dosent see but on his bday. i think he deserves it with all the hard work he does and how safe he keeps his 3 little girls. here is his diet so maybe something can be stirred up.....daily feed diet: 8oz...
  3. Pictures
    Aw he is officially a dog! I was gone to the convention this weekend so I missed his birthday (felt like such a bad mommy) So I went to the doggy bakery today and got him a birthday canole (sp) So here is the handsome man growing up so fast! PS-Happy 6months birthday to all the Pulldawg pups...
  4. Pictures
    SO my girl turned 6mo's today. She weighs in at 42lbs of solid muscle....k maybe there's a little flab in there. lol Happy birthday to me. What'd I get? A COW HIDE! YAAAAAAY mmm hide-face! numnumnumnumnumnum All pretty for show time! I used to be cute! Now See how grow'd up I am!
1-5 of 5 Results