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  1. Pictures
    New to the site and got a few questions. I got my first pit at 6 weeks old and now he's 6 months...right now I don't have much time to type all of what I want. So I'll be back on later to finish
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hi Guys, I need help and quick. My brother is the owner of my pit bull's sister - my pit is fine however her sister is losing hair all over her back and her skin is reddish and bumpy, what can this be? When she first started showing signs we took her to the vet, he did a skin scrape and said...
  3. General Discussion
    Here is my 6month old female pit bull her name is suzie she is maybe 18 inches at the withers and is UKC registered she weighs 53lbs and has been awesome i got her from a very reputable breeder ! This is the comments ive been getting at the doggy park , they ask me wht is she mixed with and i...
1-3 of 3 Results