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    I have been so busy packing that I almost forgot to post a few birthday pictures I took of Deuce today. Happy Birthday Deucey boy, I can't believe you are already 6 years old! Happy 4th of July everyone! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    with Michelle Chavez starts in 30 minutes. tonights topic : What do you think the ABKC should do different or add to the program We want you to call in Call in number to speak with the host (646) 727-3340 click here to listen live Back to the Bullies 10/06 by Bully World Radio | Blog Talk...
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    Chowing down on his birthday treat Who said White Dogs can't jump? I love this boy's smile Get that MF, Bobo!
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    So 6 years ago today, my red boy Phoenix aka Neener aka Daddy was born, I wasn't there but I might as well have been, I could not ask for a better dog, he is my constatn companion and protector and is the best friend a girl could EVER ask for, I love this dog something fierce and I am proud to...
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    Back II the Bullies Hosted by Ms Chavez and Bully The Kid Next week we will be discussing genetics, from breed mixing, to locking in traits through linebreeding, inbreeding and scatterbreeding. What actually is the result of mixing the AKC AmStaff and the UKC/ADBA Pitbull? The issue with...
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    **Official American PitBull & Bully Club Fun Show-Debary(Orlando)** - American PitBull & Bully Club (Orlando, FL) - Meetup.com
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    Oh dear sweet Jesus please help me not be a sucker anymore... I haven't heard from the owners of athena, but I almost hit this booger today at work. I'm a sucker and I brought him home, I love Collies... I'm working on cleaning him up a bit. It seems like someone didn't groom him for a while and...
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    Grizz is 6th months tomorrow! big deal? im so proud of him being 6 months lol. Hes such a good boy...now the good part. The Pictures! I got grizz to flex a little on the fireplace the light isnt so great. Then we got a silly sitter lol and some inside out ears lol...The final shots are of a...
1-8 of 8 Results