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    Well it's been a while since I have been on the forum. Have been devoting my time to Dai Ca for he has gotten older now, it was time to train him & just take care of the house. Update: He is now 10 weeks, has his second set of his shots (when we were there he was slightly underweight - so he...
  2. Pictures
    Time feels as if it's passing by so slowly. But he keeps growing ♥ 6 weeks & 6.5lbs
  3. Pictures
    So it's been about a week now, he's 1 week older, has gained a whole 1lb too since last week. Now weighs 5.5lbs ... but he looks like he hasn't grown :s maybe it's just me. Who knows Enjoy :D Dai Ca (m) our 5 week old rescue ♥ He loves my yellow sweater Running to mommy ♥ Finally enjoys...
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    Gonna be posting weekly his growth process :) Enjoy ^_^ Dai Ca (m) our 4 week old rescue ♥ New Pictures -->
  5. General Discussion
    So tomorrow is National Pitbull awareness day. I thought it would be cool to talk about what you'd like to achieve with your dogs,or what you would like to see happen in society involving pitbulls. I would like to try and get Bruno into therapy work. I have had several people say he would make...
1-5 of 5 Results