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    AKC Coursing Ability Tests (CAT) Hosted by the Greater Twin Cities Afghan Hound Club Open to all dogs regardless of breed and mixed breed (must be reg. AKC; Canine Partners or otherwise OK) Saturday 9/21 & Sunday 9/22 King's Ranch 17151 Baugh Street NW Ramsey, MN 55303 PRE-ENTRY FEE $20.00...
  2. General Discussion
    My 60 lb male APBT is about 20 months old and full grown. I have NEVER seen him jump. If I hold a treat up above him he will stretch up and stand on his back legs and try to reach it but won't jump. My concern is that I just bought a house with a fenced backyard, the fenced portion is...
  3. BSL Discussion
    Wilkes-Barre, PA: City to ask legislature for ability to pass BSL Posted on July 3, 2009 by stopbslcom The state of PA prohibits municipalities from passing BSL. Wilkes-Barre wants to change this so they can pass BSL. Contact Information for Wilkes-Barre Lawmakers: Mayor Thomas M. Leighton...
1-4 of 7 Results