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    this is my 4 yr old apbt x Johnson American bulldog and some of the nicest pictures I have of him
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    Achilles my Johnson type x Apbt getting to 10 months. These first two are with his gf they almost act like a real couple, she's my neighbors dog a pure bred Apbt we're considering breeding them together but waiting for Achilles to get a little older but she's already 2 years. Any opinions on...
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    New and thought I'd post some pics of my 10 month old Johnson x Apbt, thanks for looking first one is of when i had first got him at 4 weeks i believe, sadly his mom passed so i got him earlier than i should have. Next two were taken at the beach, not sure how old he was there. And I'm not...
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    Jackson and Achilles
1-5 of 7 Results