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    Miss karma! She's now 6 months! Growing like a weed and filling out very nice. Couple photos of her outside today playing frisbee.
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    First real snow fall for her. She's 5 months now and had a blast.
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    ThunderStorm on the flirt pole. . .
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    So a few days ago I made Bruno a flirt pole, looked up all the different ways to do it, and I decided to use a horse lunge whip ($10) and I got a few different toys for when he destroys them lol. Right now this is what it looks like. All I had to do was tie the toy to the horse whip and it's...
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    I'm just going to keep posting pictures of my dogs in this thread because I take waaaaay too many to make a new thread every time, lol. Here are a few fun shots from today. We finally got a long rope so that Squirt can feel free even if he isn't. :D Squirt and my partner Anthony :) The...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Hello everyone, I found this online I hope it helps anyone out there. Diamond Pet Foods Recall Class Action Settlement Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    Caught a couple pics of Bea playing with the flirt pole
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  9. BSL Discussion
    From SoCal Pit Bull team Thanks to Bonnie Lutz, Esq from National Canine Research Council, Nora Della Maddalena from Best Friends Animal Society, Shelley Rizzotti, Esq, and the 2 law students from UCI Animal Defense League who joined SCPBT today in opposition of the changes proposed to the...
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    **DISCLAIMER** my dogs all play well together on the spring pole but always under supervision. We have the rope close to the ground currently to allow Lucy to play on it safely (i.e. with back legs on the ground). It'll get raised up when she's old enough for the more intense play. Lady B...
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    this is my dog Brutis P. doing his best brutis lee impression... im 6ft tall.. yea he gets up there boy
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    first day off from school semester. Kandi was very excited. We had a lot of fun.
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    Crush playing with the flirt pole. his big ol' goofy smile
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    There's approximately 68 pictures here, so that's your warning. :p if you stay tuned there are some "getting air" pictures It was a lovely day so I took some pictures while exercising the dogs today. The local vet was doing $20 dental exams so I brought Al over just to see what they said. Her...
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    a little flirt pole :) fetch and catch :) time for a nap Thanks for looking
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    Gotta Love the Texas heat!!! (NOT)
  19. BSL Discussion
    TX-RPOA E-News >From RPOA Texas Outreach and Responsible Pet Owners Alliance "Animal welfare, not animal 'rights' and, yes, there is a difference." Crossposting is encouraged. Monday, July 11, 2011 What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Where do we go from here? RPOA Texas Outreach has...
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    Just thought I'd share :) She's over her 10 day bed rest so we can have fun now. (She's been over it for a bit, just haven't taken pictures) Let's see if we can get that booty into even better shape. Although we cannot do weight pulling of any sort with her, the shelter is against it. Also her...