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  1. Pictures
    How do I add pics
  2. General Discussion
    My American pitbull terrier is 1. His name is drizzy.. I juss got him about a week ago.. we go for jogs, and alot of sprints along trails where he has to jump and go under trees and run up some small hills, and through sand.. we also play tug a war.. when I got him they were giving him crap with...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    I think my friend is hurting his dog he means well but he is a moron. He has a mutt and when he cooks bacon after that he dumps the bacon fat and fat from ham burgers on his kibble..he said its fine for the dog I said its not and he told me to do this with my boy I said no lol. So is he wrong...
  4. Bullies 101
    Got this boy at 3months he is 5 months now at 4 1/2months he weighed 35lbs He is Pr ukc registered even though he is solid blue he has heavy tri in him Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  5. General Discussion
    Hello everyone once again my name is Justina and I currently have two dogs. Bruno my 2 year old Brindle pit and Latte a 8 year old yellow golden retriever. Latte is not active at all and she is getting older and doesn't like playing with Bruno at all. I had to put my 14 year old lab down in...
  6. General Discussion
    New and says I'm not aloud to do anything
  7. Products / Services
    ok everyone, found some 1" pink bone camo, i will order this if i can get a few orders for it. 1" show collars are $11, 1.5" camo on black - $17 2" camo on top blue or black $20. please email me at [email protected] Nizmos K9 Supply | Facebook
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Okay so im wondering the best dog food brand i could give my 10 month old puppy and when to switch him to adult food... also wondering if there where any special things i could give him to help him add some weight.... he eats all the time but his waist just looks skinny sumtimes and makes me...
  9. General Discussion
    I just saw the interview on Ellen with Rainn Wilson also known as Dwight on the office. He owns three rescue pit bull type dogs... one black brindle a blue and a black dog. I thought it was interesting, now i can love/hate his character on a whole nother level :)
  10. Bloodline Discussion
    It's mostly in the threads about game bred blood that I see this.But you read about adding certain lines into the mix with certain other lines in breeding.Like for example in another thread someone had a tight bred Jeep dog that someone else said if they bred it they would do it to a eli/jocko...
  11. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Anyone else got any they wanna share? Here's mine... hecka creepy,but so funny~ Wonder if anyone gets it.
  12. General Discussion
    Dog Breeding and Pet Homelessness -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2010-07-12, 8:43PM PDT Reply to: see below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is estimated that up to 200 Pit Bulls are...
  13. General Discussion
    So..I see this add a lot. For some reason, I just don't like it... I mean...Why does the dog have no teeth? Is it just the camera angle? Hope that it's only used on weight pulling dogs... I dunno...I just don't like it, maybe it's just me.:confused:
  14. Conditioning
    hey every one i was wandering if you guy's know any good ways to add muscle tone to my 1 year old dog. he doesnt like tog-o-war or spring pole but he is very active i just think he needs more muscle and tone. also any way's to add stamina?he has lean muscle but i would like him a little more cut...
  15. General Discussion
    Hey I'm looking to get local pit bull's, American Pitbulls, Saffordshire Terriers Am Staff Terriers, and their owners together in the Snohomish county area. I think it would be wonderful to be able to show that pitbulls are great dogs and that their breed is hated due to bad people and bad...
  16. General Discussion
    anyone having any puppies this year or next? looking for a male/female for conformation/weightpulling. ukc or akc.
  17. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
1-18 of 28 Results