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  1. Pictures
    Kush is 5 months old, got her 4 days ago and she LOVES her now big brother (staff x mastiff) Saboo. All of the loves going on here... Harley (cat) doesn't think too much of them though. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
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    Our new family member Dexter the Bullboxer Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  3. General Discussion
    I just a adopted a female pit two days ago and she doesn't seem to be meshing well with my male pit. Male pitbull 6 months (been with me since he was a baby) -Very playful -Energetic -Good with neighbors dogs -Good with strangers -Good with children -Tail wags high side to side, very jumpy...
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    My mom fostered this little guy for almost 2 moths. The original owner ended up being put in an assisted living facility. So now Ecko has a new little brother. Their personalities are very similar. Laid back, couch potatoes, with a little excitement when I throw a toy down the hallway. LOL! They...
  6. Pictures
    8 weeks yesterday.. He is super comfortable around here and loves the gramma dog!! So far a fine representation of his blood :woof: We'll be seeing more of this dude around!! So please welcome 'Bruce Wayne' aka 'Batman' to the Fam -
  7. Pictures
    Well I have been searching for a boy. But I'm picky and just none of the ones I found were the right one. Until yesterday, I stumbled upon this ad on Craigslist. Someone saying they needed to find their dog a new home as they were moving and unable to bring him. I see this excuse all the time...
  8. Pictures
    Meet Axel! He is 8 weeks old and is one of the smartest dogs and easiest to train that i have ever encountered. Love this little guy!!! 4 weeks old 8 weeks old
  9. Pictures
    This is my newest girl Honey.. She is 24 amazing pounds of bulldog at 8 months old. ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [381597] :: ONEALS TUPELO HONEY
  10. Pictures
    MSK's B'boppin' Bailee Boo (kiddos beagle girl) Updated: 11/02/14 Well this month I have two birthdays Cameron is 9 and Xander will be 4 at the end of the month. So I got a combined gift for the boys cause they are taking interest in showing dogs and this will be a good starter dog for them...
  11. Pictures
    Okay y'all... for those in VIP, you already know about the newest addition, Miss Cookie, courtesy of our very own Firehazard. Here's some pictures of her bonding over the last few days, and some updated pictures of the rest of the pack. Cookie bonding with Trinity and with the boy Cookie...
1-11 of 113 Results