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    We we're super excited about our new addition!!! I can't wait till she comes into heat. We're planning on breeding her to Lux! If we're lucky she'll throw some SUPER rare Blue Seal PitaPoos!!!! Pit-a-poo All The Drive and Hypoallergenic!
  2. General Discussion
    We have decided to officially buy Dixie off of our friend. She is the dam to Typhoon and the one we just did the repeat breeding on. Our friend has had her for sale for a while and we did not want to take her because she is super DA and I worried about my dogs like General getting to close to...
  3. Pictures
    GLK Deity's God of War at PMK Meet Kratos :) We were gunna go with the brindle in this litter but he had an under lying condition that he would never be show quality therefore we went with the red :) Let me know what yah think :) We pick him up the first of March he's 8 weeks right now :)
  4. Pictures
    The newest addition to our family....a puffy little kitty...Max's new brother :) They went from enemies....to partners in crime... "What...What'd we do?"
  5. General Discussion
    WE CANT WAIT to get this dog on the yard. I would love to tell you more but I cant just yet, but I will, sometime tomarrow afternoon, and we will have pics, and did I mention I am VERY excited!!!!!!!!
  6. Pictures
    Ha! thought it was a puppy, no it's my new Chick I bred! She was hatched this morning and is soooo cute, well I guess it could be a rooter too, I will find out in a few months. Here it is when it was in the egg, I know it is dark but this is when I candled the egg to see if we had a chick. The...
  7. The Pitbull Lounge
    Ok well the new addition is for my mom but we will have her until Labor day. Here's the story... My mother had two shih tzu's. One male and one female (Stitch & Bella). My mother had never been a dog person in her life but when she got Stitch she had to have another. She had them for about 3...
  8. Pictures
    My in-laws decided they can no longer "handle" their 1-year old aussie/collie mix Lady B so my husband and I have taken her in. Her and Loki are having a blast being bestest buddies right now but I am keeping a close watch on them since Loki doesn't seem to know his own strength:
  9. Pictures
    KOBI Kobi & Mommy Watch out..Vicious Kitty!!! KoBi gUrL
  10. Pictures
    okay, just kidding. but this poor fawn was in my parents backyard (they live in the woods) and it was 'crying' so they called wildlife rescue and took a picture to terrify me with (im utterly terrified of deer). thought id share though! :) its kinda cute...in a scary way.
  11. General Discussion
    This is Performance Knls "Riot" She is about 8 weeks and I just picked her up today. She will be my new working female and if it all works out we will add her to our breeding program. We are happy to have such a nice Gamebred puppy to add to the house. Any thoughts? ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [289822]...
  12. General Discussion
    this is our newest member to our family! her official name is redbone kennel's shit fire but we will call her Cara here at home. we got to meet her whole family from parents to uncles and siblings and we even competed against her sire yesterday at the adba show. needless to say our Rolex took...
  13. Health & Nutrition
    Hello to all, I am new to this forum and am excited about getting your imput. My new APBT (C.J.) has worms, which was no surprise because I got her from a friend who paid alot of money for her, but then was not responsible enough to actually keep her. The sweet pup was very skinny with a bloated...
  14. General Discussion
    we just picked up a 4 month old in need of a new home. she already weighs just as much as nismo and he 6 months old. idk her actual weight but im guessing around 35-40lbs. shes black with a white slit on her chest. she already stole my heart. Her name is Bella. i will post pics as soon as i can...
  15. General Discussion
    I went to Tennessee today to pick up our new addition. She was bred by Pulldawg's and owned by Oldfort. Her name is Remi and I would like to thank Andy for this beautiful baby and Pulldawgs for breeding this girl. We plan to start working with her this week and showing her soon. I will post...
  16. Pictures
    Ok, let's see if I can get this to work...if so, this is a picture of our pit, Lucy. They told us that she was a mix, pit and lab...not sure that we see any lab in her...what do you think? She is a doll...always at my feet. She is curled up next to my feet right now...gosh, I love this dog!
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    Indica's half sister is coming home in two weeks!!! I am so exited!
  18. Pictures
    This is my lil guy 8 weeks old i dont know how heavy he is but he feels like 10 pounds if not a lil more!
  19. Pictures
    got her at 8 weeks and now shes 12 weeks and has gotten 3 times as big. shes a naughty stuburn girl, but i love her some much. she recently only lifted one ear the past couple weeks and it looks retarded hopefully it wont stay like that, if so, thats her and shes different. first 3 pics are 8...
  20. Pictures
    We're calling him Tyson
81-100 of 113 Results