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  1. General Discussion
    Is there a specific forum here which would be best to post about a dog available for adoption? I have one but won't post details until I get the OK from admins first. Thanks.
  2. General Discussion
    Yesterday was so busy with it being Halloween, but it was one year ago yesterday I adopted Bert! I love this boy so much and I'm so happy we adopted him! He's the most loving, goofy, entertaining dog. Thanks for all he advice this past year. I've learned a lot from this site. I was nervous...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    I don't know if you can tell in the pictures, but the new boy I'm getting has a rash like spot on his nose, pink/red like and didn't know if anybody has seen this, what to do to fix it, also he looks as if he has a piece of hide cut off his joint on his front left leg, it's red but not bleeding...
  4. Adopt a Bulls
    I go to school at Crowder College in Neosho, MO. We get dogs and cats from our local shelter to use in our Vet Tech program. We have adopted all but two dogs out that need homes as soon as possible. They are ready to go. They are fully vetted and neutered. They come with a bag of food...
  5. Obedience Training
    We have tried everything with our Pitbull. He is an 8 month old rescue Pitbull and he will do awesome and be the best dog. And then he will go and bite out of nowhere like someone is attacking him. He will lay there and u just pet him and he's latched onto you. We hurt don't know what to do...
  6. General Discussion
    Today we took Phantom to the Humane Society to find him a playmate. They brought out this male pit bull puppy we really liked, but something weird happened. For a second it looked like they were going to play, but then Phantom turned aggressive by growling and they had to be pulled apart. He...
  7. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    Last show before the holiday Break! Please join us at 8pm EST where Attorney Fred Kray will discuss with animal trainer Aimee Sadler her training program for shelter dogs called "Playing for Life!" Through play, dogs learn to socialize and become more likely to be adopted. Unfortunately, many...
  8. Adopt a Bulls
    Hi forums, just wanted to know if I can post on the adoption forums. I have a 10-month old boy in a high kill shelter right now in Los Angeles. His obedience school and I are trying to save him.
  9. General Discussion
    Hey! So I'm about to adopt a 7 month rescue pit bull/weimaraner and have a couple concerns. I've been doing my research about this breed and there's so many contradictions and hot and cold which I'm sure everybody's aware. My boyfriend grew up with big dogs (weimaraners and vizslas-very high...
  10. General Discussion
    I will be getting this little guy in 7 weeks (white male) he is a pitbull mix (mutt) I found him in this shelter in my local area called Pawsforpits. What do you all think about a pitbull mix?
  11. pitbull behavior
    I adopted my 8 year old male pit bull last November. He looks scary but has always been great with people & kids. We're still working on other dogs. Anyways, we have a routine in the am that includes a long walk, affection & food. On Mondays, however, I also take him to my office in the am...
  12. General Discussion
    any good male OR female pit or bully for adoption hi everyone am from Ghana and i seriously need a dog to adopt.Any one with this dogs can contact me Leave a contact here for me.please i need only credible people and the cost of shipping.Thanks everyone
  13. Adopt a Bulls
    I am in a sticky situation, my old many and I are splitting up and I am going to try to keep the house. A little while ago I had a pregnant stray dumped on me, and she had her 5 puppies the day prior to her spay/abortion. The puppies are four weeks old now and of unknown heritage. They will all...
  14. Pictures
    We had an outreach today, I was unable to attend yesterdays due to school. Today we adopted out 2 dogs, the day before 3, and only had 2 left today. :D Including Diesel! He's been here since the 12th of December, his adoption fee was greatly reduced, and today one of the volunteers took him...
  15. Pictures
    hey guys just curious if anyone has any ideas on what else might be mixed in with this pittie (if anything at all)? its our first pittie and are happy with him regardless:)
  16. Adopt a Bulls
    Hey guys just wanted to update ya'll. Mama is a 1 to 2 year old female blue seal colored pit and is ready to find her forever home! This dog is fantastic guys the best rescue i have ever had and its been a blessing to have had her in my home this last month. She is completly house broken and...
1-16 of 45 Results