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    A little awww-spiration to start your week off right. How sweet are these pitties??? Photographer Sophie Gamand did an amazing job with these pics, don't you think? You can read the rest of the article (with more cute Pitbull pics) here.
  2. General Discussion
    So someone gave my wifes 12 year old cousin a dog when he was walking by their house. I dono what kinda dumba** would do that but guess where it ended up. Walking the streets so now I hsve her. I know she is a lab maybe, does anyone have any knowledge on this one? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    HOPE YOU ENJOY! :) NEW PICS FAR DOWN SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM First off we will start with my Jaws. Current age almost 4 months! His birthday is between 18th-24th. Current weight 30+ lbs. Probably pushing 40. 8 weeks First Car Show Jaws Now This is Tator with Jaws I WILL GET SIDE SHOTS...
  4. Introduction Forum
    Hello all! I am a NorCal resident, married with an Adora-bull named Jasper, whom we have had for the past 2.5 years. I wanted to do a little fact-finding, and after running through some rather duplicitous sites, finally arrived on GoPitbull. Your posters have impressed me, and everyone seems...
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    What you looking at lol?
  6. Pictures
    I just found this on youtube and had to share I hope they all got homes!
  7. Pictures
    cant wait til hes fully grown
  8. Pictures
    this is my favourite hes soooo adorable!! omg! hes like... KMONNNN i want that!! i love his little chain its so cute
1-8 of 11 Results