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  1. Pictures
    Finally got a chance to run the dog today and check out the area. The overflow is dried up so we followed it to the river :) Thanks for looking. :woof:
  2. Pictures
    Just thought I'd share a few pics from our trip :) it's been way to hot here so we had to escape for a bit. Lol they were watching Ren and Stimpy during the drive The weather was so much nicer We got there early and had the beach all to ourselves for a bit :) Right as we were...
  3. Pictures
    Warning: the video below will likely contain too much excitement for most people!
  4. Pictures
    So for those of you on GP on Facebook you already know who Boss is. For the rest of you, I have decided to foster a dog for my local rescue, and his name is Boss. Chako Pit Bull Rescue, who sponsored Odin when he was at the shelter, has set me up with all the supplies needed to make Boss a good...
  5. Pictures
    So we took the dogs on a nice long hike yesterday! :pupruns: Here are a couple of my favorite shots! Willow is so excited to be out lol Raj loves to jump lol Me with the dogs =) Derp! lol Look mom! Look over there!! Me with Willow Derp! lol Thanks for looking!
  6. Pictures
    Sunday i went fishing an took cali an bear with me. They both had a blast and were happy pups. Cant wait to go back again. Ready to go We saw birds Myself and my moms friend with my pups Pics of the pups having fun and scenery
  7. The Family Room
    Monkey on the monkey bars (with my help ofcourse lol) first time down the slide all giggles whats this stuff? OH MY GOD GET ME OFF THIS! Yeah i put him up on a pedda stool haha
  8. General Discussion
    well as of Sunday Ill be on a plane heading to Minnesota to work. man when the jobs come they all come at once . I have been hired at three diff spots ,one back in the gulf , one doing stocks and bonds, and one in Minnesota building wind mills...
  9. General Discussion
    i was suposed to take rico in to the vet on next tuesday for an alergy test. it was suposed to be last week but my mom told me since rico is on benadryl i would have to wait till it is out of his system. i called the vet and told them he was on benadrly and they told me he needs to come in 2...
1-9 of 15 Results