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  1. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    TONIGHT at 8PM! Stephanie Filer - How Iowa Advocates Are Fighting BSL 02/19 by Pit Bulletin Legal News | Blog Talk Radio Attorney Fred Kray will discuss with Stephanie Filer, founder of the ARL Pit Crew and Manager of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa how Iowa is fighting BSL. Kelly Herbold and...
  2. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    Attorney Fred Kray will discuss pending New Mexico Bill HB 63 with its sponsor, Yvette Herrell, the sponsor of the bill. She will explain the history and evolution of BSL in New Mexico, where one of the first court cases in the U.S. affirmed the constitutionality of BSL. We will also be hearing...
  3. Pitbull Articles
    The title got cut off LOL~ For those still skeptical: The truth about Pit Bull statistics and why advocates should be alarmed I got this in my inbox today. Worth the read I think. Pit Bulls have been taking a beating for some time now in the media and various online networks and communities...
  4. BSL Discussion
    Media-Newswire.com - Press Release Distribution - PR Agency Dog Advocates Ask State Officials to Investigate Potential Tax Fraud by Missouri Puppy Mills A coalition of dog protection advocates has presented the Missouri Department of Revenue with evidence of potential tax fraud in Missouri's...
  5. Positive Pitbull News
    Pit Bull Attack Ignites Banning Debate Local Group Defends Pit Bulls - Video - WGCL Atlanta
1-5 of 5 Results